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Les meilleurs influenceurs de LinkedIn

Ils sont suivis par des milliers de personnes sur un réseau professionnel... Ce sont des managers, des entrepreneurs, des freelances, mais qui sont les plus influents ? Découvrez-le dans notre TOP des influenceurs de LinkedIn !

Jérémy Boissinot

1- Thomas Wagner: 79,5/100 🥇

Honors go to Thomas Wagner, who wins first place in our TOP! With a consistent feed, often related to sustainability, Thomas does a fantastic job varying his content. He is never afraid to share his opinion and point of view, which truly adds value to his work. And that’s not it! Thomas posts regularly, so you won’t have to wait indefinitely for new content.

2- Michael Aguilar: 78/100 🥈

And the second place goes Michael! Meet the first macro-influencer of our TOP! You might be wondering, 200K followers?! Well yes! Michael is a motivational speaker who addresses a broad audience; thus, reaching different communities is his specialty! His feed varies from informative posts to humoristic memes; therefore, if Micheal had to be described in two words... Easy: buzz genius!

3- Michel Khoury: 76,5/100 🥉

Michel Khoury comes in the third position and closes the TOP 3 LinkedIn influencers! Let’s have a look at a completely different content creator! Michel’s posts mainly target human resources as well as job seekers. In other words, his primary mission revolves around motivating anyone looking for a job and calling out the HR sector. From optimistic posts to no filter critics, one thing we can assure is that Michel’s account lacks anything but authenticity.

4- Benoit Dubos: 73/100

This LinkedIn influencer is a rôle model for all entrepreneurs. He has an excellent account activity score since he posts once a day on a regular basis and has great quality content! Benoit often shares e-books and interviews, which adds value to his feed, and encourages his community to interact, increasing his audience engagement score.

5- Antoine Perigne: 72/100

We have a Social Media Manager! What better way to show you are a pro of social media than to become an influencer yourself? Not only does he understand influencer codes, but he enriches his tips and advice with his own experience. And guess what; Antoine isn’t camera-shy! He regularly shows himself in his posts, via videos, pictures, and so on. What a great approach to communicate with your audience and increase your engagement score!

6 - Arthur Auboeuf: 71/100

Arthur's co-created Time for the Planet and the organization's values strongly inspire his feed. Arthur's content is a mix of sustainability-related subjects and entrepreneurship, and to finish on a big plus, he excelled at his content quality score, reaching a perfect 10/10. These qualities are one of the many reasons LinkedIn has reached out to him regarding the Changemakers' program.

7- Thibault Louis: 70/100

Guess who won the best account activity score? Congratulations to Thibault for his commitment; this influencer posts three times daily! He also has one of the best account growth scores among all LinkedIn influencers present in the TOP. So what’s his secret? Content diversity! Thibault’s feed varies from short sentences to informative posts, encouraging the reader to follow his content and stay up to date!

8- Caroline Mignaux: 69,5/100

This LinkedIn influencer shares her advice and tips on marketing and sales strategies with entrepreneurs. Caroline is a growth expert, yet she adds a twist to her writing skills… Her technique revolves around writing long posts, but her magical ingredient is a mix of spacing, lots of emojis, and a call to action! Simple details that bring authenticity to her content.

9- Nina Ramen: 69,5/100

Who's the boss of authenticity? That would be Nina! She usually posts anecdotes, the perfect combination of unique content and professional tips and advice to help her community. Unapologetic feminist, she created her newsletter, "Culotée," to motivate and inspire women in their personal lives and workplace! That's some teamwork right there!

10- Shubham Sharma: 69,5/100

Last but surely not least, Shubham closes our TOP 10! Any Youtube fans? Shubham Sharma is the first YouTuber of our TOP 10! As if being a YouTube influencer wasn't impressive enough, Shubham is also growing his LinkedIn account! With less than 20K followers, his biggest strength is quality content! And don't forget, with quality content comes a quality audience! Shubham's account reaches out to a specific niche audience; some will recognize the world of NoCode, making his followers a community of his own.

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Ils sont suivis par des milliers de personnes sur un réseau professionnel... Ce sont des managers, des entrepreneurs, des freelances, mais qui sont les plus influents ?