LinkedIn Ranking: How to measure the value of content creators?

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, copywriters, optimism managers… They all have one thing in common: they are the very best content creators on Linkedin! You can find them all in our Top 200 Linkedin creators and we are just about to reveal our method to analyze their profiles 😱

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It’s been a year since we launched the first version of Linkedin French Creator’s Ranking and we’ve come to the conclusion that Linkedin has turned into a super dynamic platform, with everything evolving so fast! 🤯Day after day, tons of new players are joining the game and Linkedin has become an extremely rich content creation hotbed. 

Why stick to French creators, when the whole world was full of talent creators? It was just a natural process to go worldwide and analyze the Linkedin ecosystem in different countries. Using an algorithm that we’ve already perfected overtime, we’ve replicated our methodology for the whole world. Here’s how we’ve done it to make sure the very best creators only are included in the top! 

How the gems are selected 🧚‍♀️

To make sure we’re not missing out on the top profiles among millions of creators worldwide, well, let’s just say it wasn’t an easy task. The great news is, a monitoring system has been set up to make sure we’re not missing out on any talented creators. All data is retrieved in real time, and our algorithm with our secret sauce does the final job of rating them. Voilà! And the best part is, you’ll soon be able to do it by yourself (stay tuned in the upcoming days). 

How the grading scale is built  💪🏼

All creators in our database are rated up to 100, the perfect score. Justin Welsh is not that far, with a score of 96! The rating system includes more than 10 scoring criteria, most of them quantitative, but there are also a few qualitative elements!

A scale 100% built around data

The rating system is created from concrete data, extracted from all the “hot” profiles detected by our monitoring system. For each rating criteria (growth, engagement, activity…), we take the means, medians and standard deviations of all performance data. From all these statistics, we arrive at a grading scale!

For example, to define what will be the average activity score (10/20), we take the section where we note the exact number of posts made by each creator and calculate the median. If the median number is 30 posts per month, we will assign a score of 10/20 to all the creators who would have made this number of posts. Then, we build the rest of the scale based on a whole bunch of statistical data. Of course the average is always taken into account for possible adjustments. And the same method applies to the other rating criteria: engagement, growth, audience and content.

A qualitative dimension

Our rating scales are better than ever and we’re so proud! 🥳 But to make sure the final result is 100% accurate, a few additional qualitative points are included within the final score. 

Linkedin gives creators the possibility of dealing with substantive subjects through very complete and varied formats (including texts, images, files…). Bringing value to the network involves creating content adapted to the platform and user expectations.

Alll influencers who recycle content from other social networks get malus points, so do those who are content with sharing third-posts, without even quoting them in the first place. Cheaters are not creators, and as such they have no room in the ranking. Which is why you might be surprised to see some influencers missing out in the top 200.

At the same time, we’ve handed out bonus points to everyone who creates original content, as opposed to influencers who just use Linkedin as a means to share the news about them and their companies. Remember, it’s not an influencer ranking, but a creator ranking. This is why you won’t find the likes of Bill Gates or Emmanuel Macron in the ranking. Granted, they have awesome data, but they are not creators in the truest sense.

What scoring criteria? 🧐

The content rate (/30) 🔥

The content score measures the ability of creators to generate buzz on a regular basis. This criterion takes into account 3 factors:

  • Mega-buzz ratio: points are awarded to those who make mega-buzz regularly (more than 500 likes per post, approximately).
  • Buzz ratio: we consider that posts with more than 200 likes are also very successful. Admittedly, they do not have the same magnitude as the mega-buzz, but we will still take them into account!
  • Flop ratio: we will also measure the rate of posts that flop, i.e. all those that do not exceed 50

The engagement rate (/30) 👻

Weighting this criterion by 30 is not by chance, it is a very important factor! 😮 This rating is divided into 3 sections, each of them rated out of 10:

  • Engagement rate: very classic, it measures the ability of the creator to engage his community by generating likes, comments et shares.
  • Average engagement: it shows the linearity (or not) of engagement generated by the creator on each post.
  • Discussion ratio: it calculates the proportion of comments in each post to measure the skill to generate discussions. It’s an excellent indicator to realize the impact of the creator’s content!

The Growth rate (/20) 🦕‍

Probably one of the most essential criteria, and we’ve decided to take into account 2 different factors: 

  • Growth rate: it measures the account’s dynamism and allows us to understand very quickly if the creator is evolving well, especially when it comes to micro or nano influencers.
  • Number of subscribers gained: quite simply, we take a look at the audience’s evolution of each creator to identify those who are able to expand their community.  

The activity rate (/20) ☀️

Very important to make sure we’re not including dead accounts 😴 We note the ability of creators to post regularly. Generally, they all post almost daily or at least 3 times a week.

Audience rate (/5) 🎤

This is not the most important criteria because our mission is not to find the biggest, but the ✨best content creators✨. But still, size matters! The audience rating is in the form of a bonus that can go up to 5 points depending on the audience’s volume of each creator. Out of 100, it’s a nice bonus, but it clearly won’t be enough to be in the top 200! 

We know there’s room for improvement, and we’d be more than happy to hear your feedback about how we can make the rating better! But after so many editions of rating Linkedin creators, we’re pretty confident we’ve found the magic formula. We hope you’ll enjoy this list as much as we have enjoyed doing it, and remember: it’s updated every 6 month to make sure the list is updated with the crème de la crème!

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Entrepreneurs, freelancers, copywriters, optimism managers… They all have one thing in common: they are the very best content creators on Linkedin!

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