Who are the TOP LinkedIn creators?

Following up on of our Top 200 French edition, we are very proud to release our top 200 Linkedin Creators worldwide. Based for the first time ever on stats only, the Favikon Top 200 testifies to the emergence of Linkedin as the leading writing platform for content creators.

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Why a Worldwide TOP?

Let’s make something clear, setting up a top Linkedin Worldwide would have been impossible even two years ago. Linkedin used to be a closed network that was all about finding a job and sharing career updates. This time is long gone, and that’s for the best. The past year has seen an impressive influx of creators of all sizes, producing quality content on pretty much anything. In short, Linkedin has turned into an impressive content creation hotbed for creators from all horizons.

While it used to be easy to keep track of the Linkedin influencers, when it was all about the number of followers, it’s now impossible with all the creators who have been emerging left and right. While the Linkedin Top Voices fits a gap in identifying niche experts, content creators are still left out altogether. At Favikon we are very happy to assume the role of both judge and party and bring our ranking expertise into the Linkedin community.

What we’ve succesfully done for Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok in the past, we’re replicating it for Linkedin creators, that is a ranking excluding human bias and 100% focused on stats. People lie, numbers don’t.

Justin Welsh, much more than just a “Number One”

This won’t be surprising to many people. As of October 2022, Justin Welsh is the one and true king of Linkedin, with an almost perfect score of 96/100. His stats are nothing short of impressive, considering he is still relatively new on the platform. Each and every one of his posts generate tons of engagement and inspires thousands of people every day. He is miles ahead of the competition, and this probably won’t change anytime soon.

But even beyond that, he has leaved his mark on how Linkedin has transitioned into this content creation hotbed we are loving. He has by himself launched a new generation of very talented creators such as Tasleem Ahmad (6), Matt Barker (21) or Dina Calakovic (37) to get people to write more online, or just to simply not be afraid to take their fate into their own hands. When other social media are so focused on video and lives, Linkedin offers a fresh alternative with a writing-focused approach. It’s not a surprise to see that the “Personal Branding category” is one of the most stacked on Linkedin right now, when it comes to creator growth.

The emergence of nano and micro creators

Like other social media before, there used to be a time when Linkedin influencers were all about the number of followers. The first-mover advantage has left many influencers with tons of followers, but no real impact on the platform . Linkedin is probably right now the social media where the followers metrics is the least relevant, and that’s the best thing ever. What really matters is the creator engagement, its growth rate and its ability to generate buzz, stats that are at the core of the Favikon Score.

A telling stat from the Favikon Top 200 is that almost 40% of all creators in the top 200 are falling into the 10-50K category. This is truly a fascinating trend right now on Linkedin, that is following the path of other social media, such as Instagram or Tiktok. These creators master the art of storytelling and the algorith has no secret for them. For “older” creators, it’s hard to follow up on them, especially when it comes to posting regularly. The creators in the top 200 post at least once a day!

A wide range of topics

Linkedin has historically been a professional network, and it’s not surprising to see the creators giving tips about business-related topics rocking it. Not surpringly, the Careers Category is the most popular, with Adam Karpiak (2), Robynn Storey (3) and Gary Travis (5) having a huge influence on thousands of people worldwide. The Leadership and Growth Marketing categories is composed of creators with perhaps the best notoriety, such as Sahil Bloom, Simon Sinek, Alex Hormozi, Gary Vaynerchuck.

But what has made Linkedin unique lately is the emergence of creators who are talking about topics that are not necessarily job-related. In the top 25, 9 creators have dedicated their content to personal growth. This is huge, and says a lot about the need for people to let off some steams. In a sense, Linkedin has become the new Facebook for this kind of content.

A new surge of female creators is also emerging on Linkedin, with 40% of them in the top 200. They are represented in all categories, and are dominating the Inclusion & Diversity Category, with 80% of them being females!

The synergy between Linkedin and Twitter

We’ve seen that the writing format makes Linkedin almost unique. But there’s another reason that makes Linkedin so popular, it’s the overall positivity on the platform.  Since people are using their own names, it doesn’t leave much room for insults and toxicity. You wouldn’t want to treat anyone names in front of the world to see now, would you?

The exact opposite is plaguing Twitter right now, the only other real competitor to Linkedin when it comes to writing-focused content creation. The level of toxicity can be very high when people disagree, as they are can just hide under any username and be anonymous. Which leads us to another very interesting trend, the migration of Twitter creators to Linkedin. The last few months have been hugely popular Twitter creators move their content to Linkedin, setting up a new trend of short and impactful 2-line Linkedin posts. Some very interesting times are ahead of us.

Taking advantage of the weaknesses of Facebook and Twitter, Linkedin has turned into a real hotbed for content creation. And this is only the beginning. It will be interesting to follow the trend in the upcoming months. And the good news is, the Favikon TOP 200 is here to stay, as the next edition will be released in March 2022. Stay tuned!

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Entrepreneurs, freelancers, copywriters, optimism managers… They all have one thing in common: they are the very best content creators on Linkedin!

TOP 200 LinkedIn Creators

Following up on of our Top 200 French edition, we are very proud to release our top 200 Linkedin Creators worldwide.


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