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Billie Eilish x Nike - VIYF #50

To celebrate the 50th View In Your Feed, we gathered the best partnerships of the last two weeks 🥳 Have a look!

April 22, 2022

Wow! Can you believe this is already the 50th View In Your Feed?! To celebrate that, we decided to do a big article this week, gathering the best partnerships of the last two weeks! And trust us, they were high quality. From Billie Eilish’s new collection with Nike to Khaby Lame’s hilarious video in collaboration with BOSS, we can assure you that you will get inspired by these collabs. Burberry also collaborated with a TikToker who we would have never expected, but the result is pretty cool!

Jack In The Box x Jetbentlee

Jet Bent-Lee is an influencer with 2.7M followers on TikTok. He has an excellent Favikon score of 4.8, and a very good buzz ratio. He also has a YouTube channel with 245K subscribers. He became popular on TikTok thanks to his videos in which he asked his dad to turn fast food into gourmet dishes. This week, in collaboration with the fast food chain Jack In The Box, he asked his dad to turn their dishes into a gourmet meal. An original collab for the brand which currently has 1.9M views.

@jetbentlee #ad turning @Jack in the Box gourmet! #ad ♬ original sound - Jet

Coral Gardeners x Juanpa Zurita x Hannah Stocking

Coral Gardeners is a company that actively combats the degradation of reefs. To help them in their project, people can buy apparels, “adopt” a super coral or by sponsoring their “rope nurseries”. Last week, they teamed up with Hannah Stocking and Juanpa Zurita, two mega influencers who respectively have 20.9M and  28.M followers on Instagram. These influencers both participated in an excursion to plant corals and now the company is giving the chance to one of their followers to live this experience too by launching a big giveaway. This is certainly an unusual gift for a giveaway but it is really exciting.

Khaby Lame x Boss

Khaby Lame made headlines a few months ago when he was announced as the new ambassador of Hugo Boss. This former factory worker quickly became one of the most followed TikTokers with over 136M followers. This week, he shared another funny video on Instagram while wearing a total look from BOSS. This long-term partnership with the influencer is part of a big rebranding strategy from the brand, which aims to appeal to a younger audience.

Lebron James x GMC

Lebron James also known as “King James” is arguably one of the greatest players of all time. With 118M followers on Instagram, there is no doubt that people love him and look up to him. So GMC definitely made the right choice by collaborating with him. Lebron shared a funny ad he did with the brand on his Instagram. He added the hashtag #GMCHummerEV and #GMCAmbassador to his post.

Billie Eilish x Nike

This news will please a lot of Billie Eilish fans I’m sure! The singer is launching a collection of shoes and apparel in collaboration with Nike. She shared a video but also multiple photos of her wearing the upcoming collection. Billie currently has a perfect Favikon score of 5, and an excellent engagement rate of 4.66%

Lionel Messi x Hard Rock Cafe

Haven’t you heard? Lionel Messi is also a pro at creating burgers! He shared on his Instagram the burger that he created for Hard Rock Café. He wrote in the description: “10 layers of my favorite ingredients on a juicy, double-stacked burger! I love it with an egg!”, so I'll let you guess how big the burger is. Messi currently has 321M followers on Instagram and  a good engagement rate of 1.57%. So there is no doubt that visits to Hard Rock Cafés will increase!

Sydney Sweeney x La Neige

Sydney Sweeney is an incredible actress and influencer! She currently has 12.4M followers on Instagram and an excellent engagement rate of 23.4%. And on top of that, she is gorgeous! So it makes perfect sense for the skincare brand, La Neige to work with her. Last week, the actress shared pictures of her at La Neige event, as well as a behind the scenes of a photoshoot for the brand. She also added the hashtags #hydratewithlaneige and #laneige_partner.

Burberry x Sylvaniandrama

That’s a collaboration we surely did not see coming! The famous luxury clothing brand just collaborated with TikToker Sylvaniandrama. Why is it an odd collab you ask? Well, because Sylvaniandrama isn’t your typical TikToker. On their account they share videos of animal figurines and create stories around them. However, they currently have 1.9M followers, a perfect Favikon score of 5 and an excellent engagement rate of 28.49%. Their collab with Burberry currently has 5.2M views, so this is definitely a successful partnership!

Logfive x Sup de Pub  

Logan is a French TikToker who is known for his humorous videos. He currently has 1.8M followers, a very good Favikon score of 4.2 and a very good buzz ratio. He recently shared a hilarious video on group projects. This TikTok was actually in collaboration with the school Sup de Pub. The least we can say is that it is an original way to promote a school!

@logfive « Qui veut parler à l’oral ? » LA question à problème 😂😂 merci pour l’accueil @supdepub_Omneseducation 🤍 #supdepub ♬ son original - Logan

Tom Lawrinson x TOG24

Tom Lawrinson just shared an hilarious video which is a POV of when you are at your friend’s house and it feels like their dad DOES want you there. This TikTok was actually a collaboration with the clothing brand TOG24. Tom currently has 197K followers, a perfect Favikon score of 5, and an excellent community ratio.

@tomlawrinson #ad @tog24official POV: Round your friends house and it feels like the dad DOES want you there #comedy #dad #niceshirt #sleepover ♬ original sound - Tom Lawrinson

Angus Cloud x Rayban

Angus Cloud is an actor mostly known for his role of “Fezco” in the TV show “Euphoria”. He now has more than 8M followers on Instagram and an excellent engagement rate of 26.45%. This week he shared his collab with Rayban. He added the hahstag #ad and #raybanstories. He took advantage of being at Coachella to take this really cool picture for this partnership.

Hunter Schafer x Shiseido

Another Euphoria star! Last week, Hunter Schafer shared a post in collaboration with the cosmetics and skincare brand, Shiseido. And we have to say, she looks just gorgeous! Hunter currently has 7.3M and an excellent engagement rate of 19.24%. A very nice collab which got 1.7M likes at the moment.

Gigi Hadid x H&M

The famous top model, Gigi Hadid, just shared a post in collaboration with H&M. In her picture we can see a cap with the inscription “ I heard that…”. By reading the caption, we understand that it is a post to tease about the upcoming limited edition collection. Gigi is a great influencer to work with as she has an excellent engagement rate of 3.28%.

Winnie Harlow x Puma

Winnie Harlow is another famous top model. She has 9.3M followers on Instagram, a very good engagement rate of 1.99% and a perfect Favikon score of 5. A few days ago, she shared her post in collaboration with Puma. She shared 3 pictures of her wearing a beautiful orange swimsuit. These pictures were also posted on the brand account.

Jodie Woods x Puma

Winnie Harlow isn’t the only one who collaborated with Puma this week. Jodie Woods also shared a post in collaboration with the brand. Jodie Woods is an influencer with 1.3M followers on Instagram, a very good Favikon score of 4.4 and an excellent engagement rate of 6.87%.

What did you think of these partnerships? A lot of them were really original and show you how creative you can be when working with influencers. Sometimes working with influencers that don’t necessarily post content related to your business can also be interesting. Prove being, Burberry’s collab with Sylvaniandrama was a real success, just like Sup de Pub’s collabs with Logfive.

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