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How to Create Affiliate Links to Measure Your Campaigns

We tell you how to create an affiliate link, how to use it, where to find it and why you should use it for your influencer marketing strategy!

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You probably already know the positive effects that influencer marketing can have on your brands. Working with the right influencers who perfectly match your brand's image and values can significantly increase your sales and/or boost your visibility. Of course, the results of your campaigns also depend on your platform and the format you chose for your collaborations. Either way, I'm sure you want to see the concrete results of your campaigns. After all, influencer marketing campaigns can be expensive, and you surely want to know if you are getting your return on investment. And also, you might see results in your number and sales or website visits, it can be hard to determine which part of your marketing strategy is responsible for this improvement. I'm sure influencer marketing isn't the only tool you use for your growth strategy. So if you want to determine the real impact of your influencer marketing campaigns easily, then keep reading!

Why you need trackable links for your campaigns

Follow and measure your campaigns

An easy way to track your campaigns is to give an affiliate link to each one of your influencers. Each link needs to be unique to one influencer. Depending on your objectives, these links can redirect their followers towards your website, a specific product page, a video, etc. The choice is yours!

Now, what is a trackable link, you ask?

A trackable link or an affiliate link is a marketing tool that allows you to track your website's activity. Let's say you are collaborating with Emma Chamberlain. She shared her affiliate link with her followers, redirecting them to your website. Emma is a mega influencer with 15.6M followers on Instagram, so I'm sure you would like to know if your collab was effective or not. Thanks to the trackable link, you can tell how many Emma Chamberlain's followers have visited your site.

It is pretty helpful to use these links because otherwise, it can be hard to measure the results of your campaigns, especially if your objective is to boost your sales. When doing a giveaway with an influencer, it is easy to analyze the results of your collabs with the number of followers gained and the number of comments on the posts, but for other types of collabs, it's not so easy.

However, keep in mind that affiliate links might not suit each of your collaborations. For instance, you would typically use them on Instagram for story partnerships. The story format allows sharing links, whereas it isn't possible for Instagram posts or TikTok. You could eventually ask the influencers to put the link in their bios for a short period, but it is risky, and many people won't bother to check the influencer's profile. Social media users are surrounded by information, so things need to be simple. They are less likely to purchase anything if they don't find the link directly on the publication. So you could lose potential customers.

Overall, trackable links are more interesting for Instagram stories and YouTube videos.

A personalized link for your creators

On top of being a handy tool for your brands, affiliate links can also be beneficial for influencers. Influencers like to share a unique promo code or offer when they do a collab with a brand.

Many influencers often say they like to "give back to their community" to thank them for their support. Offering promo codes and special offers is one way to do that.

Of course, trackable links don't always mean promo codes or discounts, but it is often linked together. Trackable links are often used for partnerships that generate sales, so it makes sense to add discounts.

You should remember to personalize each link every time you work on a new campaign and with a new influencer. Each link needs to be personal to an influencer.

How to create affiliate links?

Now that you know more about affiliate links, you are probably dying to know how to create one. The good news is it is really easy, and you can do it directly on Favikon!

Easily create your links

We recently added this feature on Favikon, allowing you to create trackable links for your influencer marketing campaigns. It is simple, quick to make, and will save you time when you need to measure your results!

Here are the few steps to follow to create your link:

👩 First create your list of influencers

🤝 Once they have agreed on the collab, you can check the column « working with.»

👀 You will find each influencer you have selected

😎 Create a link for each influencer by simply clicking on a button

Easy, right?

The result of your collabs

Once you have created your links and your influencers have shared them with their community, you will be able to track and analyze the results of your collaborations.

You will be able to track different KPIs. First is the number of clicks, meaning how many times people have clicked on the influencer's link, and second is the number of unique visitors to your website.

These indicators should help you determine how effective your campaign was and if your influencers' collaborations met your expectations.

Thanks to this new feature, you can track and analyze the results of your collabs more efficiently and faster than ever! Once you access these data, you can adapt and adjust your strategy for your following partnerships. This will also help you determine which influencer you should work on in the long term or not.