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Favikon 2.0: more complete and powerful than ever

Favikon is back with not one, not two, but 4 new features that will make your experience even more complete and addictive 💯

1. A More Complete Search

Favikon's goal remains to give you as much freedom as possible in your quest for finding the perfect influencer. We've added extra filters to help you with what can be a daunting task.

Search by gender 👫 

Hallelujah, by far the most requested feature, you can now select "men" or "women" to specify your search. A considerable time-saver, but also a way to be even more precise in your research. 

You can find almost 30K New York influencers on Favikon! 

Search by age 🎂 

Here again, a fundamental feature. Enter the minimum and maximum age and access the influencers belonging only to the age range you are looking for.

The example below with a search for "senior only" influencers: 

The Queen of England is indeed an influencer of +80 years!

Another example with a search of "baby influencers": almost 4000 accounts of 3-year-olds in the world. These accounts are very popular with toy manufacturers in particular!

There you go, it's that simple! Have fun with this search filter, you'll be really surprised with some of the results! 

2. Favikon Watch

Favikon Watch is the ultimate feature to monitor all the influencers on your lists and retrieve all campaign content! 

It has several uses: track your potential partner influencers but also your competitor brands. 🧐

To use it :

  1. Create a list with profiles you want to track (influencers or brands)
  2. On the list tab, apply the "Watch" button;

In this list, only 3 are tracked:

3. In the Watch tab, view and download the stories you want from the lists you follow! Very practical to follow your campaigns for example, or to keep up to date with the market without having to spend your life on social networks! 

Another use case: competitive intelligence! Since you can now search for brand accounts on Favikon, you can track all your competitors and see what kind of content they are producing with influencers. The market is yours!

3. Favikon Reach  

Looking for new prospects for your business? This feature will save your life! You can now on Favikon search for brand accounts! Target the right prospects for your business and contact them in just a few clicks. 🔥

For example, you are looking to contact only cosmetic brands in Australia. Click on the "Brands" button only!

Then export to a list, and voila, you can contact 350 qualified and targeted prospects at once with Favikon! The possibilities are endless with the search filters. On Favikon, you'll find over 2 million brand accounts! 

4. the audience gets a makeover

We have completely revised our audience calculation system to give you better results.

Our reliability rate on 100 test accounts has increased from 81% to 95% 😍

We are listening to all your remarks/proposals. Feel free to send us your feedback via the chatbot or by email. Thanks to our 5000+ users who contribute to making Favikon better. Long live the influencer marketing!

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