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Favikon is taking a major step forward

Favikon is turning into an AI-based platform ranking creators on social media to give brands actionable insights for their social media strategy.

April 26, 2023

Giving more rewards to creators

With our latest update, our ranking system has evolved to be much more than a mere list. Now, creators who make it to the top 200 are granted a public profile that showcases their unique talents and skills. This custom social resume provides anyone with quick and convenient access to all their social media accounts, newsletters, podcasts, and even published works.

Brands will have precise knowledge of who matters and in which industries.

Tops across the social media landscape

We are thrilled to announce that in addition to the highly appreciated Linkedin Top 200, we are expanding our Tops to all major social media platforms, including Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Tiktok, and across 3 countries, including the US, the UK and France. These dynamic ratings will be updated frequently to provide our users with the most current information available.

We are also excited to introduce industry Tops featuring over 500 niches that will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

The introduction of KOLs

As we continue to incorporate all social media platforms into our ranking algorithm, it became clear that excluding Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) from our Creator Top list would not be a comprehensive representation of the social media landscape. Many KOLs now use LinkedIn like any other social platform, so it made sense to include them. To address concerns about audience size, we have adjusted our algorithm to more accurately reflect creator growth, ensuring a fair representation for all creators.

A dynamic ranking

Social media is an ever-evolving domain, particularly on LinkedIn.

A 6-month update just wasn't enough to keep up with the pace of change. Henceforth, the ranking will be updated on a much more frequent basis to ensure that we can identify the true leaders that are dominating LinkedIn and other social media platforms in general.

A finetuned algorithm

The Linkedin Score has been significantly improved. To better reflect a dynamic ranking, the algorithm has been fine-tuned to place greater emphasis on creators with strong growth. We are also placing greater emphasis on activity rate to ensure that active LinkedIn creators are duly rewarded.

A revamped rating system

We are excited to introduce the Authority Score, which accurately estimates the real influence of a creator across all social media platforms.

Creators who are active on multiple social media platforms and maintain a blog or newsletter will have a higher likelihood of achieving a greater Authority Score than those who only utilize a single platform such as LinkedIn. We have recently implemented a 10-tier system that accurately reflects creators' authority over social media.

This new system is designed to provide clear and objective rankings for creators across all platforms.

A more participative ranking

As we are extremely ambitious in our pursuit of comprehensiveness, we understand that some quality creators may have been overlooked or that mistakes may have been made.

That is precisely why we have opened a Discord channel to encourage more participation in the ranking process and to foster discussion leading up to the next update.

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