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How to become a LinkedIn Creator?

You’ve started posting on Linkedin, but you don’t know how to improve your KIPs? Well, well, well… We may have something for you. Favikon just launched the Creator Rating Extension to help you progressing on Linkedin!

October 25, 2022
Carolina Guimarães

Even if you're not in the list (yet 😉) you've probably heard of our TOP 200 Linkedin creators. We’ve spent a year analyzing the best creators on Linkedin worldwide and we came up with a main conclusion: the platform is becoming more democratic and we see thousands of new creators emerging every day. 

If you’re reading this, I bet you’ve already had a look at your Linkedin metrics. But do you know exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are? Probably not. But we may do! 🤩And we’ve created a feature that allows any creator following up their results and improving on the platform.  

The goal of this extension is actually to help young creators on LinkedIn to progress and grow their business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small creator with less than 5K followers if you bring real value through your content. That's what motivated us to create this extension and allow any creator to analyze their results in real time! Yes, you heard it right, you can now calculate your Favikon Score 🤯 But how does it work?

How to use the Creator Rating Extension?

Install the extension in 4 steps ✨

1. Download the Creator Rating Extension👇🏼

The extension is available in the Chrome Web Store.

2. Go to the profile you want to analyze 👀

Go to LinkedIn to find a profile!

3. Click on the Favikon logo on the right of your screen 🧡

It's time to open the extension if you haven't already!

4. Launch the analysis 🔥

With only 2 clicks the extension will retrieve all the publications of the month.

Once it's done, you will get a score, but also all your performance indicators and some precious tips. You thought we weren't giving you any advice? Don’t forget, our mission is to make you shine on Linkedin 🧚‍♀️

And of course, you can (and should 😎) share your rating with all your friends! You just have to take a screenshot and post it on your feed, easy peasy!

I know what you’re thinking: having my own Favikon score is cool, but what criteria make up my rating? Only 2 more minutes of reading and you will understand everything you need, I promise!

The Favikon Score criteria

5 criteria for rating creators

The content rate (/30) 🔥

The content score measures the ability of creators to generate buzz on a regular basis. This criterion takes into account 2 main factors: the buzz ratio and the flop ratio. 

The engagement rate (/30) 💬

This rating is divided into 2 sections: the engagement rate (classic!) and the “discuss ratio” (which measures the creator’s ability to generate lots of comments in it’s posts)‍

The Growth rate (/20) 🚀

As for the two criteria above, we’ve decided to take into account 2 different factors: the growth rate (calculates the accounts dynamism) and the raw number of followers gained in the past weeks. 


‍The activity rate (/20) ⚡️

We evaluate the ability of creators to post regularly because contingency is the key for success!


Audience rate (/5) 🎙

This is not the most important criteria because our mission is not to benefit macro creators. But still, size matters! We decided to turn the audience rating into a bonus that can go up to 5 points!


And now that you know all the metrics that make up your final score, here’s a short explanation of a question we hear a lot: how do we manage to rank any creator?  How do we define what is a good or bad performance?


All you should know about our grading scale 🤓

Our rating system is created from concrete data, extracted from a huge sample of profiles. Unlike our rating system for the TOP 200 creators, we took into account an extremely varied sample of Linkedin users (not only the “hot” profiles) and extracted their data to find out the average values for each KPI. 

The rating scale is built around the average values of each performance indicator (growth rate, engagement rate and so on). We’ve even defined several rating scales depending on the various influencer-tiers (mega, macro, mid, micro and nano). To put it simply, the Favikon score is based on real stats! 

We might develop scores and work on rankings at Favikon, but we’re not obsessed with numbers, creators are much more than a bunch of indicators. Our mission is not to give you a list of KPIs, we want to help you improving your account and you can expect a few personalized tips while using our extension 💚

About the author

Carolina Guimarães

The big winner of the Nationality Oscar (Portuguese, Brazilian and French!), and new Right-Hand of the CEO is full of joy. In her 2022 vision board you will find: dance, Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe, lots of ice cream and an excel board of the future! #IceCreamAddict🍦 #SciencePo🎓