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How to view and download Instagram Stories

Millions of stories are posted each day on Instagram, so it can be hard to follow everything. But sometimes you really need to (re) watch some stories, even after 24 hours have passed. Luckily there is a way to do that. You won't even have to screenshot stories anymore!

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Stories are an important part of Instagram content. You can actually spend hours watching everyone’s stories. This type of content is usually more spontaneous and posted in real-time. Stories are particularly appreciated by users as they are easy to “consume’: If you don’t touch the screen, it will move on directly to the next stories. This is really a key format for creators who want to have an engaged and supportive audience. It is also a great way to keep being active even when you don’t have anything to post. 

Why are Instagram stories the winning strategy? 

Recently, we have seen many social media add a story feature to their platforms like Twitter and even LinkedIn! Even though stories are a popular format, it was long enough before both platforms deleted this feature. Truth is, stories aren’t suitable for every social media platform. One thing is certain though, stories are a major feature on Instagram.

There are advantages to posting stories as an influencer but also for branded content. This type of format is quite the opposite of regular posts. With stories, the accent is put on spontaneity. Often posted, on the spur of the moment, they are an open window on the creator’s life. Stories are typically used to show the backstages of an activity or the daily life of the creator. They are usually not as elaborated as Instagram posts. This allows the creator to be more spontaneous and to post things they wouldn’t have shared otherwise. This is also linked to the fact that stories last only 24 hours. There is less pressure to post perfect stories, knowing that this content will disappear in a few hours. 

It is partially true that stories only last 24 hours because users can make the choice to put some stories in the story highlights. These stories will then be visible on the user’s profile at all times. You can also organize your story highlights into different categories. For instance, Chiara Ferragni has story highlights for the best stories of her kids, for stories related to her business, etc. So having story highlights can be great to show who you are and what you do in more depth. 

Instagram stories are a winning strategy because they make the creator’s audience feel closer to them. There are multiple reasons behind this. As mentioned above, stories are made to show what can’t be seen in their Instagram feed. Léna Situations is particularly good at making stories. She posts almost every day and shares parts of her day such as her morning walk, her editing session, and her lunch with her friends. It really feels like we are spending the day with her. 

The fact that they only last a few hours also encourages people to follow the creator because they might miss their stories if they don’t follow them. Moreover, people can interact with stories in 3 different ways. First, they can write a message which will be sent as a private message. Automatically, there is a feeling of closeness between the influencer and the follower because it is a one on one conversation, even though the creator might not necessarily answer. 

Users can also interact with stories by reacting with emojis which will also appear as a private message. Finally, Instagram introduced a few weeks ago the possibility of liking stories. These likes don’t appear in private messages. 

This new feature aims to generate more engagement for stories. 

What about branded content? When working with influencers, you might be tempted to only do partnerships in the form of Instagram posts, but sponsored stories can also be interesting. For instance, if you are planning to give the influencer a special discount code for their community, it will be more effective to do stories. The influencer will be able to put a link directly to your website whereas, with a post, their followers will either have to go on the influencer’s Instagram account or go on Google to search your website. Moreover, this partnership can be seen as more genuine if the influencer decides to show directly how to use your product. 

How to download Instagram stories? 

Who has never dreamed of being able to view people’s stories even after they have disappeared from our feed? Perhaps you missed your favorite influencer’s stories, or you wanted to stalk your ex on social media (admit it, we have all been there), or else as a brand, you want to keep an eye on what your influencers are posting. Surely, you don’t have the time to be on your phone 24 hours to screenshot everyone’s stories. Luckily, there is a way to view and download everyone’s stories. 

By using Favikon, you will be able to view every influencer’s stories. Indeed, there is a feature called “Watcher’, which allows you to watch people’s Instagram stories even after 24 hours. All you have to do is select the accounts you want to put in the watcher. From the date you have selected them, all of their stories will be accessible on Favikon. That’s not it, it tells you when they posted it but also the estimated number of views. 

As a brand, it can be very useful to have access to influencers’ stories. For instance, if you are working with content creators, you might want to be able to download their content if they did a sponsored story for your brand. Having their stories and their estimated number of views will help you analyze the result and performance of your campaign. Of course, if you are working with an influencer, you should definitely ask them to send you a screenshot of their stats. 

It can also be interesting to view Instagram stories to have inspiration for your future campaigns. Indeed with this feature, you can also watch the stories of other influencers or other brands, even your competitors. This is an easy way to do a benchmark for your stories. You can see what other people in your field are doing and adapt your marketing strategy accordingly. 

Stories are one of the most effective Instagram formats to federate an audience. Often seen as more genuine, it brings a sense of closeness with the influencers. Moreover, people often spend more time per day watching stories than their feed, since they are only accessible 24 hours. This is why it can also be interesting to do sponsored stories with influencers. They will be seen by more people in a shorter period of time and it will be easier to have a call to action since we can add links to Instagram stories.