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How to grow your brand’s instagram following with the help of influencers ?

Instagram has become the place to be for brands and influencers! 😎 You're lauching your brand on Instagram and want to know how to gain more followers 📈 by working with influencers? Eaaaasy! 🤳

May 10, 2021

Not on Instagram? But how do you communicate and sell?

Instagram, especially has become a niche for brands and influencers.🤳

The platform is very e-commerce driven, 46% of users follow brands, 1/3 of stories viewed are from brands. If you're looking to gain visibility, awareness, and engagement but most importantly boost your sales, influencers can be a great asset!

Before I explain all the methods to increase your followers on Instagram 📈 here are some examples of brands that have been powered by influencers.

Of course, we don’t need to mention Daniel Wellington, but let's talk about the sportswear range, OceansApart, and Fablectics, which have been propelled by Madelaine Petch, an influencer but also actress in Riverdale, thanks to her: 1.9M followers on Insta! 💪

To boost the number of followers on Instagram there are different ways to go about it!

Everything starts of course with the choice of the influencer:

👉 First of all, your influencer must correspond to the universe of your brand and his/her community to your target! If you are fashion-oriented go for an influencer who likes to dress up!

👉 Turn preferably to middle influencers for visibility and engagement! For loyalty, engagement and a "best friend effect" nano influencers are perfect!

Then the content that the influencer will make about your brand plays an important role, there are different forms
  • "Takeovers": the brand gives control of its account to the influencer 👩💻
  • “Guest blogging": generates traffic via the influencer who promotes his content on the brand's channels (post photos of influencers on your account and be identified in the publications)
  • Mentioning the account in a story, sponsored posts, attending brand events, storytelling 🎨
  • Create content (post, real, IGTV) in collaboration with the influence 🤝
  • Set up a contest relayed by several influencers to generate visibility 🏆
  • Create a collection in partnership with the influencer that will be relayed on Instagram thanks to a personalized hashtag #Brand x Influencer  

Last point 👆

Solidify the relationship with your influencers. An effective partnership is one that is renewed and lasts over time. This allows you to highlight the real attachment of the influencer to the brand and increase the ROI. example = Alissa Violet Lounge Wear (9.8 M followers).

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