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How to manage your influencers with Favikon CRM?

Here is how you can manage your influencers with the Favikon CRM. Let’s find out how it is used

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Wait, you didn't hear the big news? The New Favikon is out, and our solution is better than ever! Remember having to go back and forth from influencers' audits to your lists and messaging to check how your marketing strategy is going? We have great news for you: Favikon has a new CRM! You can find all the essential information regarding your influencers within the CRM board, but let us explain to you how it works!

Favikon CRM: how does it work?

The Favikon CRM is a board with a list of all the influencers you want to group and analyze. Within this list, the CRM provides all the essential information concerning each one of them. It is presented as a board with all the metrics updated in real time so that you can follow-up their latest results anytime. Think of this solution as an excel summary but simpler and easier to use. 

Managing your ambassadors and influencer campaigns might seem quite intuitive: check their posts, evaluate their performance, keep in touch all the way, give some feedback… However, it can be very time consuming if you don’t optimize your CRM system. In fact, analyzing the reach of each post, making sure that everyone respects the deadlines, contacting the influencers one by one and ensuring that you won’t ghost anyone accidently is not an easy task. There are tons of things to think about…  But don’t worry, the new Favikon CRM has your back! 

What do you find in the CRM?

With the CRM, you can find all the essential data about an influencer in one place!

The influencer account. Next to the influencer user name, you will find their contact name, contact type (is it an influencer or a brand?), network (Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube content creator?), and the number of followers, of course. Thanks to this short recap, you’ll be able to categorize any influencer in less than 10 seconds. In other words, you no longer need to enter each profile and analyze everything by yourself. 

Their status in the CRM board. Next to their account specificities, you will find the date they were added to the CRM and the date of your last update. This allows you to keep in mind how long you have been interested in each influencer of your list. It may help you better choose your future brand ambassadors. 

Influencer details. Following the information about the influencer, we find their name, location (country/city), language spoken, age and gender. Basically all the details about them, which allows you to predict a few aspects of the audience they reach. 

Scores and Key Performance Indicators. Next in line, the CRM also provides their engagement rate, growth rate, and Favikon Score. You will very quickly understand the value of each influencer of your list based on the main metrics of their audit. It will help you decide which influencers better suit your brand’s needs. 

Influencers' contact details. Need to contact them in a hurry? Well, no need to go on the messaging section or their audit to find their phone number! Their emails and phone number are also on the CRM board. That’s right, we have all the contact information associated with each profile, no need to spend time looking for email addresses.

Your contact and collab status. Did you forget to send them your offer? Did they ghost you? Or worse, did you ghost them? Stop getting mixed up and find all campaign DM, last interaction, last seen message, and response rate in the CRM. As the board is also connected to the Messaging feature, you'll also be able to add your tracked links with the number of clicks on the board.

Budget and costs. Don't get ahead of yourself and keep a close eye on your overall costs by having a broad vision of your expenses on the CRM. It has never been so easy to control your charges and stay close to the budgets initially planned. And of course everything is automatically updated, you don’t need to worry. 

How to add or search for influencers in the CRM?

Adding influencers to the CRM. To add each influencer to your CRM board, you can select them from your lists, from an audit, the preview, or the Messaging feature. Favikon features are interconnected which makes it easy for you to switch between searching influencers, contacting them and managing your ambassadors. Everything happens on the same platform, it’s magical! You can create a list of influencers and drag it to your CRM board automatically so that you can easily follow up the performance of the profiles you previously selected. 

Filter your CRM. Having all this influencer data gathered in one place is excellent, but Favikon thought even bigger! Go big or go home, right? The CRM can also classify your influencer list per category. For instance, you can control the view of your board by sorting it by category. Thus your list can be sorted from influencers with least followers to most, from younger to older, from greater engagement rate to worse, and so forth. This will allow you to gain efficiency and go through a less time-consuming analysis of your influencer collabs. 

Personalized filters. You can also create and personalize your own filter to categorize your influencers. For example, you can add filters after collaborating with the influencer, such as "great collab," "best," "don't," "long term partnership," etc. This allows you to shape the CRM as you like. Once you create your various labels, you can always sort your research using your own filters, it will save you time. 

Search by Username. Of course, you'll also be able to search by username. No need to scroll over the entire list every time! 

Group Messaging. Finally, you'll also be able to create group messages from the CRM itself. This shortcut allows you to gain time by contacting various influencers at once with the CRM overview, so you don't forget anyone. Best part: you can use our templates to better your approach according to your personal needs (collab proposal, feedback, acknowledgment…). And of course, each template is 100% personalized, you’ll always be able to highlight your brand identity while contacting influencers. 

How can the Favikon CRM help with your influencer campaigns?

Better management of your influencers

Better your influencer marketing strategy with a better analysis. With CRM, you'll have a clear vision of the evolution of your influencer marketing strategy. How many influencers did you contact? When? How many influencers are located in your region? Which influencer has the better engagement rate? The CRM will allow you to pay attention to detail and not miss a thing (which can also help you improve your ROI!).

By following your expenses closely, you are sure to be on point when it comes to budgeting. Instead of going back and forth to your conversation or contract, you can have the key costs in mind instead of going back and forth. Favikon CRM takes into account your initial budget and objectives, it guides you all along so that you keep close to your own guidelines. 

Better your quality of work. Contacting the wrong influencer, calling them by the wrong name, making mistakes regarding their profile and content… Those are typical signs that show a lack of professionalism and commitment. With the CRM, no more little errors when contacting influencers. Sometimes a little mistake can ruin an entire campaign so you must always know how, why, when, and with whom you should work.

Better your relationship with your influencers by providing a better service. By having easy access to all their info, you'll be able to offer a solid follow-up. With satisfaction comes loyalty. If influencers have a good experience working with your brand, there are higher chances they will work with you again! So don't ghost them, be efficient, proactive, and reliable so they feel close to your brand and see you take the collab seriously. And that is precisely why the Favikon CRM is here to help you. It is less time-consuming and provides greater efficiency and precision with a better follow-up with an easy and personalized experience. As we all know, the closer you are to your ambassadors, the more clear and spontaneous your campaign will be.

Now that you know exactly how the new Favikon CRM works, you are ready to add any influencer you like to boost and better manage your influencer marketing strategy! From analyzing your audit to contacting the influencer, the CRM gathers all the key data of the influencers you are willing to work with. So get ready to take your collabs to a new level!