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How to plan Influencer Marketing Campaigns?

From finding influencers, establishing your budget to choosing the right format… There are many things to consider when planning your influencer marketing campaign.

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It surely can be a bit overwhelming especially if you are in a small team and you need to organize it all by yourself. Fear not! We are here to give you tips and tricks to easily manage your campaigns. By following these steps one by one, you’ll see you don’t need to be a pro to do influencer marketing. 

Create your influencer marketing campaigns on Favikon

The good news is you can easily manage your influencer marketing campaigns by using Favikon. Finding influencers, contacting them, following the results of the partnerships… Everything can be done on the platform!

How to plan an influencer campaign?

The first step to your campaign is of course to find the right influencers. You might be tempted to go directly on Instagram or TikTok to find your content creators but let’s face it that would be really time consuming. You need to find influencers that match with your brand’s image, unless you are extremely lucky, it will be difficult to find them by simply scrolling on social media. On Favikon, you can filter your research by keyword, hahstag, influencer tier, location… This makes it easier to find profiles relevant to your needs. 

Don’t forget to check their social media stats like their engagement rate or audience quality to make sure your partnerships will be profitable. Don’t hesitate to check our article on the key influencer marketing statistics to know which one to look at.

Once you have found the influencers you would like to partner with, you should add them to your CRM. The CRM allows you to keep manage of your relationships with creators: Did they answer your collab proposition? Did you agree on the terms and conditions? If so, you’re ready to move to the next step! This is the easiest way to manage your influencers.

Based on the answers you got, you are now ready to pick your final influencers. Once you have settled your agreement and you are ready to work with an influencer, you can click on your influencer in the CRM then go to “add to campaign’. 

Don’t forget to name your campaign to easily identify it. You can keep adding all the influencers you’ll be working with into your campaign. Using the CRM will make you more efficient as you will be able to find all the information on your campaign at the same place.

Now that you have all your influencers, it’s time for you to complete your work plan! It is basically all the important information of your campaign, and you can complete and personalize it by clicking on “influencers’ at the top right of the page. You will be able to write the partnership status (one-time deals, signed contract…), easily track your budget by adding the cost per influencer, schedule the start and end dates of the campaign, and the publication status (have they posted the collab yet?). You can also find useful resources like their contact details, coupons and a personalized trackable link for each of your influencers. These links basically allow you to follow the results of your campaign. We wrote a full article on affiliate links on Instagram and why they are useful, so don’t hesitate to have a look.

Once everything is into place, your campaign is ready to launch! In other words it is time to do some follow up, and analysis.

TIP 💡 To make it easier for you to stay organized you can also filter your work plan.

For that you have two options 👇

You can classify your influencers by category such as the number of followers, nationality, date added and all other categories. For instance by sorting your list by partnership status, you’ll first find influencers with whom you’ve signed, and at the bottom the ones that are yet to sign with your brand.

OR, you can arrange by filter. We provide various filters that will show only the influencers that apply to this category. For instance, by clicking “to sign”, only the influencers that are yet to sign with your brand will appear on the list. The rest of the influencers won’t show as they don’t apply to this category.

Evaluate your influencer campaign’s success

Organizing an influencer campaign is great but I'm sure you want to know if it was profitable or not. This is why it is important to analyze and evaluate the results of your campaign.

Analyze your results on our influencer marketing platform 

On Favikon, you can stay up to date and follow your posts by clicking on “posts” on the top right of the page. You will first need to enter your brand name, select your campaign posts and then click on add to the campaign. You will be able to find all your posts in “campaign posts”. You can see your YouTube videos, TikTok videos, and Instagram posts.

You can also analyze your campaign’s success by going on your Dashboard. You will find precious data: the number of active influencers, number of posts, total views and total clicks. You will also be able to see who your TOP 3 influencers and TOP 3 posts are. You will also have the details of engagement (reach, likes, comments…) and the evolution of the engagement during the campaign. 

That’s it! You are ready to launch your influencer marketing campaign on Favikon. It can seem a bit overwhelming at first, so just make sure to follow each of these steps so you don’t forget anything. Using Favikon should definitely make the process easier and faster for you. And just like anything else, practice makes perfect. But if you want to avoid making mistakes I suggest you check out our article on influencer marketing gone wrong so you’ll know exactly what not to do.