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Influencer Marketing Campaign: Getting Organized before the Launch

From finding your perfect influencer match to launching and evaluating your campaigns, we take you through each stage of planning an influencer campaign!

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Get ready to launch your influencer campaign for the Holiday season! ✨

Christmas and New Year are right around the corner, and you know what that means? It’s time to plan an influencer campaign to boost your sales for the holidays! ⚡️

But what exactly is influencer marketing? It means your brand is reaching out to social media creators to promote your product or services and using different communication channels from these media to reach wide communities and niche audiences.

Are you still not completely sure if influencer marketing really is what you need? Then go check out our article why should I include influence in my marketing strategy?. 🧐

However, if you are ready to step into the world of influence, we are ready to go! But where should we start first? By defining a clear objective (visibility, engagement, conversion, etc.), and so an effective strategy before the holidays! Done? Then you are ready to go! 👌

But careful, don’t rush into it! Let us take you through all stages of planning an influencer campaign. From choosing the right influencer to launching your influencer campaign, discover all tips and tricks to plan the most successful collabs of the year!

For a perfect campaign, you need the perfect influencer for your brand 🌈

Your marketing strategy is ready; you aim for visibility, engagement, brand image, or other improvement points and know which influencer you are looking for (Find the right influencer here). Now you simply need to find them! With Favikon’s research section, find the influencer that best matches your needs by filling our form and sharing a few of your requests and clicking search! 🔎

Let's say we are looking for a fitness influencer with a 5/5 Favikon Score that lives in the U.S...


Have a look at all the results: analyze all matching influencers’ audits, check their Favikon Score and choose your favorite one; it’s as easy as it seems.

If you are planning a bigger campaign with numerous influencers, take a look at our List feature! Create a new list, find your influencers, and add them to it so you can later have them all gathered in a single section. Quick and easy! ⌛️

Okay, but what exactly should you be looking for in their audit?

📌 Score Details (KPIs): check if their strengths match your needs! Do they have a positive engagement rate? Following ratio? Comment/like ratio? Is their account growth promising?

📌 Audience Details (demography): Where is located most of their audience? Does the age mean, gender, and location suit your target market? Is their audience mostly good, or is there a significant percentage of suspicious users?

📌 Partnerships: this will determine if they have any experience with partnering with brands. Are you looking for an experienced influencer or a new creator? Did they partner with your competitors?

📌 Types of publication: if you are planning to create a sponsored video with your influencer, it might help find one that posts reels!

📌 Market Price: this one is quite important budget-wise! Checking the market price will help you greatly when contacting and negotiating with your influencer.

Now that we are 100% sure the influencer fits your brand’s expectations and need let’s contact them! 📩

Tip 💡 : by sending a personalized message and offer, you’ll have a higher chance of receiving an answer from your favorite influencer! Showing you are committed and interested in their work can only go in your favor. Here is how you contact an influencer.

Now, let’s plan your influencer campaign 🚀

Settle your expectations and discuss your objectives. Have a look at their content, and discuss your expectations regarding recurrence, type of posts, communication channels, etc. Your influencer and your brand are ready? Then let’s launch your campaign!

Hold your horses; we’re not done yet! What about evaluation? No worries! We work on the numbers so you can work on the ideas! Follow your influencers’ work live! Did they post in time? How many posts did they make? Did they mention your brand or a competitor’s? 👀

In other words, stay on top of your game!

Next step: Evaluation! 📈

When launching your partnerships, don’t forget to go through our Campaign feature! Fill in a small form, share your forecast, budget, expectations, influencers, etc. and let Favikon do the work. 🤓

It seems like your campaign is doing great; your influencers posted in time, tagged your brand, etc. But is your campaign efficient? Let’s have a look! 👁

Engagement and reach, audience fit and details, campaign KPIs, information and summary, ROI etc., everything you need to evaluate the evolution of your influencer campaign!

P.S: Don’t forget to work on a long-term relationship with your influencers! If your campaign is successful and boosts your sales for the holidays, you might want to keep in touch with your influencer. Who knows, they could become mega influencers before next year’s holidays! ⭐️

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