DooDoo It Yourself launches a campaign on Instagram with mom influencers and propels her pre-sales !

DooDoo It Yourself launches a campaign on Instagram with mom influencers and propels her pre-sales !

A successful launch thanks to instagram influencers mom

DooDoo It Yourself is the first edutainment kit for children from 6 to 12 years old. 100% made in France and anti-waste! With DooDoo, children learn to measure the use of products and water. The idea is to make children aware of their responsibilities regarding waste and the planet from a very young age so that they have the right reflexes. 

For DooDoo It Yourself, the objective of this first campaign was to have a great visibility to make known the project but also to convert thanks to the pre-sales on Kiss Kiss Bank. It's a brand launch but also a concept launch, so there is a high barrier to entry for the target. That's why the brand decided to use Favikon to find the best influencer profiles.

The main target of the brand is mom influencers on Instagram who share tips and their commitments. The goal is to find the TOP mom influencers.

Focus on the use of Favikon

Type of Influencer

Nano to Mega

Social Network


Favikon Minimum Score



> 1 000 €

An incredible response rate from Instagram mom influencers!

The search on Favikon was essentially done around 5 filters: keywords, type of influencer, social network, minimum Favikon Score and location. For the keywords, the search contained about 13 keywords such as: #family #education #ecology #ecoresponsible #cleanbeauty #diy #mom #family...

Regarding the size of the influencer, the brand remained quite broad by selecting from nano-influencer to macro-influencer. They finally made the campaign with 3/4 of nano and micro-influencers and 1/4 of macro-influencers.

The first search yielded over 36,000 results and they selected 30 mommy influencers to contact for their campaign. Their presentation was a huge hit as 50% of the mom influencers responded positively to the proposal. 

DooDoo It Yourself had planned a budget of less than 1000€ for a favorite macro-influencer and free products for the nano and micro-influencers, a system that worked well! Influencer remuneration can also play an important role in the response rate. Here it's the remuneration but also the personalization of the message on each mom influencer thanks to the Favikon audit that allowed to captivate so many.

We worked on influencer marketing as the first step of our communication policy that we will implement in a very operational way when we release our first activity. Thanks to Favikon, we were able to source influencers who were committed to us. We were able to check the quality of their account before even contacting them. With the list function we could follow the publications of the Influencers and see their publications on the evolution of our own community. Moreover, the influencers played the game by being our relay but also the relay of their community concerning our project. We were able to collect precious opinions from real consumers about our proposal. Even though we have no concrete product to propose!
Deborah Bete, Co-Fondatrice
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655 732

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