Harry Jowsey x Boohoo Man - VIYF #2

The 10 most influential campaigns you shouldn't miss this week. In our feed: lots of fashion, cosmetics and sushis!

May 14, 2021
Nina Lipzyc

The 10 most influential campaigns you shouldn't miss this week

In our feed: lots of fashion, cosmetics and sushis!

@Lele Pons x EyebuyDirect 🇺🇸

Lele Pons, the famous colorful and body positive influencer has launched her #EmbraceYourLight eyewear collection with EyebuyDirect 🕶 obviously she promotes it on her instagram account.         

@Romy x Vannesawu 🇫🇷

Romy, the fashion influencer promotes @vanessawu_official mules from the spring/summer 2021 collection #vanessawufamily  👡

@Harry Jowsey x Boohoo Man 🇦🇺

Harry Jowsey, influencer, Australian tiktoker and also reality show contestant for Netflix 📺 couldn't help but strike a pose for @boohoomanofficial ‘s account with 3.6M followers 👕

@Caroline Receveur x APM Monaco 🇫🇷

Caroline Receveur, an icon in the world of influence is one of the muses for the favorite jewelry brand of influencers, APM MONACO. On her account you can find a beautiful photo of her shoots 📸💍

@GeorgiaMilli x Garnier 🇬🇧

Garnier, the famous shampoo brand has launched the #GARNIERMASKMOMENT challenge! The young tikoker Georgia Milli made a sensation with her hair routine using the brand's products 9.9M views!! 💆


Remade my most viral video. The original got 9.9M views, please can we make this one go viral too🤞🏼🥰 ##GARNIERMASKMOMENT ##fyp ##curlyhair ##redhead

♬ original sound - Danielle Elizabeth

@Twan x Gfuelenergy 🇺🇸

The humorous content influencer has launched a great contest with the brand @gfuelenergy and posts regular stories about it! #gfuel 🏆

@xeniaadonts x Louis Vuitton 🇫🇷

This tiktoker is unboxing a very special gift from Louis Vuitton! She shows this nice bag that would make many dream on camera, a different kind of partnership 🛍


PR Gift!!!!! love u vuitton fam🥰

♬ Fallen Down - 3000m

@josefineh x Adanola 🇩🇰

This week the Danish influencer queen of aesthetic and simplicity is partnering with a sports brand and street wear @Adanola! 🎽 x Londonfoodbabes  🇬🇧

A London based food account with 160K followers is hosting a contest with a sushi restaurant! If you're in London and a sushi fan this account is for you! 🍣

@Chloe B x Calzedonia 🇫🇷

With the arrival of summer...Calzedonia the Italian swimwear brand that has been a sensation for the past few years is collaborating with @ChloeB. The influencer announced the news on her account!! 👙

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