Emmy Hartman x Mac Cosmetics - VIYF #34

Christmas looking promising this year! Collaborations with mega influencers and celebrities are all over our feed. Perfume, clothes, makeup... 🎁 If you still need to find gift ideas, this week's collab will certainly inspire you! 🎄

December 24, 2021
Camille Valentin

There is no better season for brands than Christmas.

Everyone is looking for gift ideas 🎁 Thus it is the right time to promote your products. Collaborating with the right influencers will definitely boost your sales. BUT remember to make your collaboration unique to the holiday seasons. Your partnerships will stand out from your competitors' ones 🎄

Iamferv x Hot Topic

Fernanda is a mega influencer with 22.4M followers on TikTok and 7.2M followers on Instagram. This Latina from Chile has built quite a community! She has a good engagement rate of 15.84% on TikTok and an overall Favikon score of 4.4. Her TikToks which mostly consist of dancing and lip-syncing always gather millions of views. She partnered with Hot Topic, a clothing brand, to share to her followers Christmas gift ideas that they can find on the brand’s website. A very useful collab for the ones who always struggle to find the perfect gift.

@iamferv Que mejores regalos para navidad 🎄 que los que me regalo @Hot Topic 🤩 #bestgiftsever #sponsoredbyHT ♬ la rica boa - DJ BULBO

Sameats x Waitrose

Sam was already in our VIYF last week but what can we say, his content is addictive! This week, he shared a collab with Waitrose, a British supermarket chain. For this collab he’s teaching us a festive recipe for Christmas. He even added the hashtag #ChristmasAtWaitrose. His dynamic editing which makes his TikTok so recognizable seems to be particularly liked by his audience since his collab with Wairrose has reached 3.9M views in only 3 days. Sam has an excellent Favikon score of 5/5, so he is definitely on top of his game!

@samseats #ad Roast Venison 🥩 Click through for full recipe on Feasty #ChristmasAtWaitrose ♬ original sound - Sam Way

Vallsun x Sojos Vision

Wearing sunglasses during winter might sound stupid at first, but when the sun reflects off the snow it can be blinding. Valentina perfectly understood that. This is probably why she decided to collab with Sojos Vision, an eyewear brand. In her picture, Valentina is stylish while being in the snow! Her excellent engagement rate of 7.82% and aesthetic feed make her the perfect influencer!

Sydney Sweeney x Tory Burch x Dazed

Sydney Sweeney is a very successful actress and with a 3.3 Favikon score, she is also an amazing influencer. For the holiday season, she shared her collab with the American fashion brand Tory Burch. She posted a carrousel of 3 pictures of her wearing different outfits. Stylish and comfy, the actress looks gorgeous!

Bretman Rock x Beats

Bretman Rock is known for his humor and his extravagant looks. This week he shared his collab with Beats. Wearing a all-white outfit and Beats white earmuffs, Bretman is ready to face winter. This influencer has an excellent engagement rate of 6.37% and an impressive Favikon score of 4.4. Bretman’s Instagram pictures always look very professional and which makes him the perfect influencer for brands looking for high-quality content.

Best.dressed x Prada

With this glitter shirt, you will look very stylish on Christmas eve. Best.dressed aka Ashley shared her collab with Prada. She can be seen rocking a glitter shirt next to a disco ball and a Prada bag. It looks like her Christmas is all about sparkles! In her post, she also added the hashtag #pradaholiday and #ad. Ashley counts more than 1.7M followers and has an excellent engagement rate of 16.21%. She’s the one you should keep an eye on!

Anya Taylor Joy x Viktor&Rolf

Anya Taylor Joy is more than just an actress, she’s also an influencer and brand ambassador for Viktor & Rolf. In December she shared in total 3 posts in collaboration with the brand. The actress can be seen wearing a gorgeous black dress while holding a bottle of Viktor & Rolf perfume.  In her post she made sure to add the hashtags #HappyCoutureHolidays and #ViktorAndRolfHolidays. Anya Taylor Joy has an excellent engagement rate of 13.72% and account growth of 1.50%.

Emmy Hartman x Mac Cosmetics

Emmy Hartman is a content creator with 370k followers on Instagram and 2.2M on TikTok. She has an excellent engagement rate of 8.34%. For the holiday season, she posted a collab with Mac Cosmetics. In her picture, she’s wearing the new holiday makeup collection from Mac. In her post, she added hashtags such as #MacHypnotizingHoliday #MacHoliday.

We hope this week's collabs inspired you and gave you some ideas for your Christmas gifts and your future holiday collaborations. Always remember to plan your Christmas partnerships in advance, as influencers receive a lot of collaboration propositions during that time of the year. If you reach out to them too late, they will have already planned their schedule for December and won't be able to collaborate with you even if they really like your brand.

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Painting and make-up are her favourite hobbies... she is indeed a true artist! 👩‍🎨 She also has a degree in Dutch and English! Did we mention she is an influencer ? Camille has a food Instagram account (We have a foodie!) and works on her TikToks too! 🤩 She definitely has more than one string to her bow 🔥