Jaime Lorente x Armani Beauty - VIYF #33

High fashion, skincare, jewelry, perfume... This week's collabs are about making you look and feel good! Ready to take your look to the next level?

December 17, 2021
Camille Valentin

Sometimes it isn't your day. You can't stand your face in the mirror, your hair won't collaborate and you hate your outfit. It even happens to the best of us. But skincare, perfume or cooking are little things that can greatly brighten up your day. Have a look at this week's collaborations, you might find something to help with your moody days!

Taylor Krause x ShoeDazzle

There’s one thing that Taylor Krause definitely knows how to do and this is making anything aesthetically pleasing. For her collab with ShoeDazzle, she is wearing pink high heels, a grey dress and she’s in front of a green sofa and 2 small paintings. All these elements combined make the perfect setup to highlight these amazing shoes. With only 8k followers, Taylor is a nano influencer but she has a great engagement rate of 5.35% and a growth rate of 2.30%.

Amy Hembrow x EveryPlate

Being the owner of a skincare company, the founder of a fitness app, and an influencer, it is clear that Amy is a true businesswoman. Thus it definitely makes sense for her to partner with EveryPlate, an Australian company that delivers ingredients and recipes to create easy and tasty meals. Amy has a good Favikon score of 3.5 and an engagement rate of 4.22%. There’s no doubt that her minimalistic yet chic aesthetic seduces a lot of brands.  

Sam Way x Nespresso

Here’s a collab that is out of the ordinary! Sam had the great idea to create coffee and hazelnut macarons using his Nespresso coffee machine. With his dynamic edit that makes the recipe looks so simplistic, we clearly want to try it out! Sam has an excellent Favikon score of 5/5 on both Instagram and TikTok. You will definitely want to collaborate with him if you are in the food industry!

Bellafoodie x LouLou.lollipop

Another foodie! Julie is the mother of the adorable Bella. In this TikTok, we can see Bella using chopsticks from the tableware Loulou Lollipop! In her post, she also shared a discount code of 15%. Her TikTok account has an amazing Favikon score of 5/5 and an engagement rate of 15.71%. Impressive!


#ad Bella’s 2nd time using chopsticks & she nailed it! All the serveware you see is from @loulou.lollipop. Code HELLOBELLALLL gets you 15% off at the link in bio.

♬ original sound - Julie & Bella

Alexis Ren x Giuseppe Zanotti

With 15.3M followers on Instagram, Alexis is a mega influencer. The fact that she is a model also allows her to collaborate with high fashion brands. This week she collaborated with the Italian luxury shoe brand, Giuseppe Zanotti. With her red dress, golden heels, and her string lights, her post is perfectly on-brand with the holidays season. With a Favikon score of 4.6, an excellent engagement rate of 2.26%, and a very good audience quality, she is truly one of the kind!

Jaime Lorente x Armani Beauty

Everyone loved Jaime in Elite and la Casa de papel, and everyone is gonna love him with his collab Armani Beauty. Jaime has been an ambassador of Armani for a few months. He perfectly embodies the figure of a strong and mysterious man. This week he shared a picture of him looking elegant next to a bottle of Acqua Di Gio. He also added different hashtags like #armanibeauty #Ad #AcquaDiGioProfondo and #perfume. Finally, he mentioned the fact that it was a paid partnership, yes that’s the law but many influencers seem to forget it.

AreYouKiddingTV x Kendra Scott

Here’s a smart and original collab! AreYouKiddingTV are known on TikTok for their concept of asking people to find a certain object and bringing it to them, to win a gift. For their collab with the jewelry brand Kendra Scott, they asked people to find a stocking which they would later on fill with jewelry. This partnership was great because they used one of their best-known concepts that their followers love. People are more likely to like a collaboration if it doesn’t purely look like an ad.


#ad She didn’t expect us to keep filling it! @kendrascott

♬ original sound - Joey and Steven

Amelie Zilber x Terasana

Amelie Zilber has more than one string to her bow! She is a mode, Unicef ambassador, and with 2.6M followers on Instagram, she is also a mega influencer. She partnered with Terasana, a skincare company, to show what helps her get rid of spots and keep her skin hydrated. She is showing that her skin isn’t perfect and it is refreshing to see! Amelie has an excellent engagement rate of 4.82% so you might want to consider her for your next collabs!

Which collab was your favorite this week? Whether you choose to learn how to cook new dishes, or to step up your skincare game, we're sure you will do great! And if there is one thing to remember from these partnerships is that you should be bold and not fear to be original!

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