Hoyeon x Louis Vuitton - VIYF #23

Netflix star, Mexican mega influencer, triathlon champion, this week's influencers' collabs are spectacular!

October 7, 2021
Clémence Del Castillo
@hoooooyeony x Louis Vuitton

Ever heard of Squid Game? We hope you did! HoYeon Jung has seen her popularity go through the roof after the latest Korean Netflix series got out! This new mega influencer is breaking every record from 400k followers to 15M on Instagram in two months! She now has an excellent Favikon score with an account growth of +1.8K % and a superb engagement rate of 17.84%. 🚀 Following her huge success, she announced a new campaign with the one and only French fashion house Louis Vuitton in her latest post. An exceptional picture in which she wears the brand's ensemble that made the fans go crazy! 🔥

@elisascarlatta x insta360

We have a rider! 🚴🏻 Elisa Scarlatta is an Italian mid-range influencer who loves to try new hobbies and share her experiences with her audience. With a great following ratio and incredible content diversity, Elisa's activity is full of potential. She posted her partnership with insta360's Go2 camera! 📷 The brand did an excellent job when finding an influencer that matches its brand image. Moreover, when appearing in her feed, there is a great probability of reaching a niche audience of bike enthusiasts, an ideal audience to promote their product.

@theblonde_pomeranian x vanilla gift cards

Trick or treat! Better choose a treat with this influencer! Allison is a talented baker that loves to adapt her creations to different holidays, events, seasons, etc. 🧁 A great influencer for any brand that plans its campaign! She already started creating Halloween-themed bakeries and shared a new collab this week. 🎃 She presented Vanilla Gift Cards' concept by combining a promoted post with organic content! This nano influencer has a positive 13.30% account growth rate and an excellent comment: like ratio!

@pradschapate x TTDeye

Any horse lovers? This mid-range influencer shared an original post to promote eye-colored contact lenses! 👁 To be consistent with her organic feed, she appears in a closeup to showcase the eye contact lenses, then following a transition, she reappears riding her horse! 🐴 A collab that will have high visibility since it had 4.9M views! @pradschapate aced her buzz ratio and has an excellent 75.08% community ratio!


##anzeige TIKTOK DO YOUR THING ##ad ##foryou [lenses are ##ttdeye use my code „prads“]

♬ original sound - talkingkittykkat

@nouba.golden x RevolutionRace

What better reason to go for a hike than to take out your dog! 🏃 This splendid collab shared this cute dog/owner moment to promote their brand by partnering with this adorable doggo account. 🐶 An original idea that will surely bring a lot of conversion! Nuba and Justice share a good saturation rate, and they aced their audience quality! Give it up for the two besties!

@nonstanford x 2xu

Healthier competitions for a positive change, that's what @nonstanford is promoting in her last post! She announced her long-term collaboration with 2xu to share her commitment to work hand in hand with the fitness gear brand. 🏊 With a great engagement rate of 5.01%, this micro-influencer is a great partner to raise conversion when presenting products to her audience!

@kimberly.loaiza x Bang Energy

Let's end this week's view in your feed with an exceptional influencer: Kimberly Loaiza! 🌟 Known for her YouTube channel, she is a Mexican Influencer and singer with 30.6M followers on Instagram and 52.4M on TikTok. Impressive! She posted a video on TikTok showcasing Bang Energy's drink. With this mega influencer, the brand has extensive visibility and reaches various audience niches! ⚡️


¿Estás solter@? 🤭 @bangenergy ##ad ##BangEnergy

♬ 911 - Remix - Sech & Jhay Cortez

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