Melissa Findley x Adobe Photoshop Lightroom - VIYF #25

Adventures, glamour, photography, and many other incredible campaigns are awaiting you! From middle to mega influencers, find out this week's collabs!

October 22, 2021
Clémence Del Castillo
@makenanjeri x The Singleton Kenya

A classy partnership for this middle-range influencer! Makena shared a shot (literally) taken with The Singleton Kenya, Whiskey brand. 🥃 It would appear as if they made a short one-time collab... Think again! The Singleton Kenya has a YouTube channel in which they invite all of their brand representatives and create "The Singleton Stories." Makena was their guest and shared their story on the brand's channel. An exceptional partnership and a perfect example of an authentic campaign that shows the importance of commitment. Makena has an impressive 4.7/5 Favikon Score with excellent content diversity and a positive account growth of 5.10%. 👏

@keamokhobo x PRINCESS POLLY

Did someone say glamour? Lupa posted a beautiful mix of pictures and videos wearing her Princess Polly fit, with an enchanting luminosity that highlights the dresse's color and fabric. 🌞 This influencer tagged the brand on the image and mentioned them in her caption, which is followed by a small promotion of their discount code. Lupa has a 4.3/5 Favikon Score with an excellent account activity score of 18 posts made in the past month.

@cgwebuofficial x CAROLINA HERRERA

Next stop, meet the femme fatale Cynthia Gwebu! Did you not hear? She is now partnering with the luxurious brand known for its ready-to-wear, accessories, and fragrances. Cynthia previously announced the campaign in a video posted on her Instagram account and now promotes the brand's scent in her latest post. Confidence and brand values are what this influencer shares in her caption 💁, a great initiative to level up the brand's image. But what about our influencer herself? Excellent hashtag quality score of A+, A for her audience, and wonderful following ratio!🔥

@dovecameron X Finishing Touch Flawless

The one and only Dove Cameron shared her latest collab with Flawless on her Instagram account! 💄 With a 3.4/5 Favikon Score, this influencer has a great engagement rate of 3.01%, a reasonable saturation rate of 32%, and an excellent account activity of 22 posts in the last month! As a mega influencer, she also reaches an excellent following ratio of 66k: 1. Such partnership will provide massive visibility to the brand and impact their image and their product's reputation. Dove tagged the brand and mentioned them in her description while adding two hashtags #flawlessbeauty #flawlessyou. 🚀

@explorewithbrendan x MPB

Let's get back to nature! Brendan is very much an explorer himself and loves to share his adventures on his Instagram account. Breathtaking landscapes, hidden villages, and unexpected discoveries, three words that describe Brendan's feed! What better way to share every one if his escapes than to take good pictures! 📸 Thus, he shared his new collab with MBP, a brand he has known and followed for a long time, making him a loyal customer and an experienced influencer! With his passion for sharing his adventure with his audience 🏔, Brendan has an excellent account activity score of 20 posts in the last month and an amazing comment:like ratio of 1 comment every 12 likes!

@melissafindley x Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Keeping up with photography, what's the next most important task for influencers once they have taken their picture? Editing! With a 3.1/5 Favikon Score and a 3/5 content diversity score, Melissa loves to share her traveling adventures with her audience. Passionate about nature and its wildlife 🐠, her feed can go from beautiful sea turtles to mysterious forests. With such a consistent feed, she must share her secret with her community! Thus she made a collab with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Melissa shared her "before and after" pictures for this post, inviting her followers to find tutorials on the @lightroom app. ✨

@shawnysander x LeGer by Lena Gercke

A black and white shot taken by Shawny herself! She tagged the brand on her picture in which the product is well showcased. This mid-range influencer reached an amazing 3.8/5 Favikon Score with a 16% Saturation rate, an A for audience quality, and a 5.11% Engagement rate score! Congrats to Shawny Sanders for her good work since she will be closing our View In Your Feed of the week!

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