Noah Beck x Prada - VIYF #38

This week's collabs are high level! Prada is teaming up with TikTokers, KFC announcing their new vegan option with Liza Koshy, Francis Bourgeois is the new face of Gucci... Keep reading to find out about the other surprising partnerships of these last few days!

January 21, 2022
Camille Valentin

We surely did not see that coming! This week’s collabs are very impressive. Fashion brands, fast food chains, and electronics brands, the type of companies collaborating with influencers are very diverse. Although they are all very different, they all managed to create collabs that fit with their brand’s image and that is what is important!

Prada x Brent Rivera, Noah Beck, Blake Gray, Amelie Zilber…

Fashion week is back! Last week, Prada held its fashion show in Milan. All the A-listers were invited: Noah Beck, Thomas Sangster, Kyle MacLachlan, and many more! The brand took that event as an opportunity to create a dynamic and fun TikTok with all those celebs. The video currently has 8M views. It isn’t the first time that Prada works with influencers and especially TikTokers. A few weeks ago, they created the # Prada Bucket Challenge which was all over the platform.



Revivez les moments forts du défilé Homme Prada FW22 imaginé par Miuccia Prada et Raf Simons

♬ Promoted Music - Prada


Highsnobiety x Francis Bourgeois x Gucci x Northface

This collab surely got everyone talking. And for a good reason, for their collab, Gucci and The North Face did a campaign with TikToker, Francis Bourgeois. Francis is a British influencer, who became famous for his videos of him trainspotting. He currently has 2.2M followers on TikTok, an excellent buzz ratio, and a perfect Favikon score of 5. This campaign is truly spot-on! Highsnobiety, a digital media were the first to share this photoshoot.

Demas Rusli x Samsung 

Demas Rusli is a photographer and designer from Australia. He mostly posts pictures of landscapes and urban environments. He recently collaborated with Samsung. With his drone, Demas took a breathtaking picture of the Sydney Olympic Park. This isn’t his first time collaborating with Samsung, they have already collaborated multiple times. A great example of a long-term partnership that is working!

Kimberly Loaiza x Bang Energy 

Kimberly Loaiza is a mega-influencer who became famous thanks to her channel. With 35M subscribers, she is one of the biggest Youtubers. On TikTok, she currently has 58.6M followers. This week, she partnered with Bang Energy, a brand that sells, you guessed it, energy drinks. In her TikTok, she can be seen dancing and lip-syncing while sipping on the drink. 

@kimberly.loaiza #publicidad A base de cadera ☺️🔥 @bangenergy #ad #bangenergy ♬ sonido original - SledaizBolivia

Liza Koshy x KFC x Beyondmeat 

Liza Koshy became famous thanks to her humorous videos on Vine and Youtube. Liza counts 19.5M followers on her Instagram 29.5M on her TikTok. She has a good engagement rate of 2.32% and an excellent audience quality. She has been an ambassador for Beyond meat for a few years now. KFC has recently announced they will be selling Beyond Fried Chicken (vegan meat). Therefore, Liza was chosen as the face of their campaign. This collab is really unique and that is, to say the least.

Untalfredo x Star+

@untalfredo is a content creator from Mexico with 442k followers on Instagram. He has an excellent engagement rate of 5.94% and an almost perfect Favikon score of 4.8. He recently collaborated with the streaming platform, Star +. For this partnership, he decided to recreate a picture of him as a child wearing a clown costume. A fun collab that didn’t go unnoticed!

Salice Rose x Boxy Charm 

With 14.1M followers on Instagram, Salice Rose is a mega-influencer! This week she collaborated with Boxy Charm. The company that sells monthly subscriptions to receive a box full of makeup products. In her post, Salice can be seen rocking a green sparkling dress and orangish makeup. She made sure to add the hashtags #ad #boxycharmpartner!

Lena Situations x Monnier Frères 

Lena Mahfouf is a French content creator with 3.5M followers on Instagram. She has an excellent Favikon score of 4.8 and a very good engagement rate of 12%. She teamed up with Monnier Frères, a Parisian website curating luxury accessories. For this collab, Lena did an awesome photoshoot with 2 of her best friends. She did not only collaborated with them but also decided to launch a giveaway for her followers.

This week was full of amazing collabs! We were far from expecting a collaboration with Francis Bourgeois and Gucci, or Liza Koshy and KFC. One thing to remember from this, taking risks works. When working with influencers don't limit yourself to the obvious or the ordinary. A collab is a success when it holds people's attention. Nobody wants to see the same type of partnership over and over again. So be bold!

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