Selena Gomez x XQAmerica - VIYF #7

The 10 most influential campaigns you shouldn't miss this week. In our feed: great organizations, a virtual influencer and of course some Coke!

June 18, 2021
Nina Lipzyc

The 10 most influential campaigns you shouldn't miss this week

In our feed: great organizations, virtual influencer and of course some Coca Cola!

@UEFA x Coca Cola

After 32 years of partnership between UEFA and Coca Cola, Ronaldo has hurt the soda brand this week publicly during an interview ... Hard blow for the American giant🥤

@issyquinnxo x L'Oréal Paris 🇦🇺

L'Oreal Paris has released a new makeup line to the delight of makeup addicts! Isabella, an Australian influencer, is promoting it on her instagram account! We conclude that Nude is still in fashion!💄

@selenagomez x XQAmerica 🇺🇸

Selena Gomez partners up with an organization that helps students succeed and thrive in a healthy environment. Here for a donated photo, the money goes to support the mental health of students. A great cause! 💪

@itssssmariiii x Gym Shark 🇺🇸

"I have nothing to wear '' We all know this phrase, we've even all said it before while our closet is bursting with life! Such is the case with this influencer in partnership with the gym wear brand Gym Shark! Who said that you can't be stylish at the gym? 🏋️

@magazineluiza x DennisDj 🇧🇷

A bit of a partnership but in the theme of the week: a virtual influencer collaborating with Dj @dennisdj, and the "Magalu SuperApplication" 🤖

@oscar_x_felix x Petvalu 🇨🇦

These two little cat influencers encourage you to adopt their beloved compatriots or donate to PetValu to help cats live their CatLife to the fullest! 😸

@hannahemilywhite x Missguided 🇬🇧

Missguided, one of the favorite brands for collaborating with influencers...Here the English influencer strikes a pose in candy pink, the new color of summer 🎀

@charles_Leclerc x FerrariStyle 🇲🇨

Charles Leclerc, Formula-1 driver for Ferrari, attended the fashion show of the brand wearing one of their creations and posted it on Instagram 🏎

@Mcfly et Carlito x Winamax 🇫🇷

With the start of the Euro, obviously partnerships are flowing! Mcfly and Carlito dedicated a video to the sporting event sponsored by Winamax, a sports betting site ⚽️

@danae x ShhParis 🇫🇷

Summer is here at last! Summer means travel...especially for the influencers who all go on an organized trip by a brand all freshly paid on the other hand you have to wear the products and live the experience to the fullest! Right now it's Corsica with Danaemakeup and other influencers for the brand ShhParis.

@addisonre x Nintendo #Miitopia 🇺🇸

Addison Rae, one of the biggest tiktokers, made a sponsored video of a Mii demo with Nintendo. 👾 Who said gaming consoles are just for kids?

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