Influencer Audits

The Favikon score sets a standard in the industry to determine the real value of an influencer.

How it works

The most powerful audit on the market

Find out everything you need to know about targeted influencers.

Quality Summary

The AI-made summary is made to help you identify all weaknesses and strengths of an influencer at first glance.

Quality Criteria

The Favikon score is based on 50+ criteria. You'll find a summary of the most important ones, starting with, but not limited to, the engagement rate.

Unique Insights

Favikon gives you unique insights on the market. For example, the saturation rate helps you identify whether the influencer has been doing too many partnerships. With Favikon, influencers will leave you no secret behind.

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Why Favikon?

We make it easy for you to identify low quality influencers.

There are so many traps to identify best influencers. The Favikon score sets a standard in the industry.

The ultimate Favikon Score

Fake influencers are everywhere. The Favikon Score is the final answer and helps you identify the good influencers from the bad ones.

+50 quality criteria

We go deep into all influencer social media accounts and extract all relevant information to make sure you make the right decision before working with them.

AI-based 6 Million profiles

All 6 Million profiles worldwide are automatically integrated into Favikon and updated in real time.

Human-made comments

For each profile, brands can comment on their own partnerships with the influencers to help go further into

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