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We make it easy for you to collaborate with influencers

Do you want to develop your business with influencers? Favikon will help you skyrocket your growth.

Find the best influencers for your company

Looking for a local or a global influencer? No problem. Select the influencers that match your needs.

A rating-based platform

Find all the information you need about influencers and your digital campaigns. Track your campaigns and guarantee your ROI thanks to influencers.

Measure the success of your influencers

Follow the evolution of their engagement, likes and comments on social networks.

Reliable collaborations

Create a strong link with influencers and find ambassadors for your brand.

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A 3-step experience

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Search for influencers that are the best fit

Look for influencers that best represent your brand and fit your needs. It's easy!

Select and create lists

Create lists of influencers to contact them and start a partnership with them whenever you feel like it!

Enjoy performance monitoring

Enjoy thorough reporting on your campaign progress and results. Follow everything on the market with the competitive watch feature.

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