Campaign tracking

Track the progress of your campaigns in real-time and adjust it all the way to optimize your ROI.

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How it works

Set up, analyze and evaluate

First KPI to rate influencer marketing campaigns

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Create your campaign in only 3 clicks!

It couldn’t be simpler! Select the influencers you want to add to your campaign, name your campaign, and voila! Then find your campaign dashboard with all your influencers’ information and statistics.

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Complete and personalize
your work plan

Update your partnership status, keep track of your schedule, enter each influencer’s cost, and follow every campaign post on a single work plan.  

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Upload your trackable links

Favikon provides a different trackable link for each influencer of your campaign so you can follow their contribution and define which influencer has the best results.

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Track your campaign in real time with the Dashboard

With the new Campaign feature, you'll be able to constantly evaluate the progress of your campaigns while keeping in mind your initial objectives!

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Why Favikon ?

A reliable score to evaluate the performance of your campaign

A quick form to guide you ⏳

Enter your influencers, and we will tell you how much reach to expect from your campaign. No more calculations, at least for you.

Your customers are our priority 💡

Visibility is essential, but you have to aim at the right target! That is why the campaign tracking analyses in detail the reached audience.

Everything at your fingertips 💻

No need to screen Instagram stories anymore! We track all campaign content for you every minute!

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