Influencer Contact

Create your influencer lists, track them and contact thousands of influencers in one click.

Why Favikon?

We make it easy for you to contact thousands of influencers

Found the influencers you need? Use the Favikon list tool to contact them in mass.

Simple & Easy Lists

Create lists to all influencers depending on your needs.

Track your influencers

Track all the performances of the influencers in your lists in real time.

Contact ALL influencers

Target all influencers with emails and contact them in one click.

Export in CSV

Export in CSV to use all information you need the way you want.

How it works

Search, track, contact. Easy.

Contact thousands of influencers in three clicks only.

Organize your search results

When doing an influencer search, sort all results depending on your needs. For example, keep all profiles above the 4/5 Favikon score only.

Create and track your lists

Once you've picked all relevant influencers, just click on "Create List", pick the name, and voilà, you're done! It's that easy.

Export in CSV and contact them

Let's say you've found 2500 fitness influencers in London, UK, and you want to contact all of them. Export in CSV and contact all of them at the same time! Time is of the essence and with Favikon you'll gain a lot of it.

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