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No need to switch between social media and email to organize your campaigns, contact dozens of influencers in 1 click on Favikon.

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How it works

You won't get ghosted again, I promise.

The Favikon messaging feature is the solution to easily contact your future ambassadors.

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Contact influencers.
At scale! 👀

Get in touch with an influencer? Nothing could be easier! In the Favikon messaging you can contact all your Instagram influencers at the same time without going through the "copy/paste" step.

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Boost your opportunities with a personalized message 🌈

Contacting hundreds of influencers is great, but you still need to know how to communicate with them to avoid being ghosted! Our templates will help you stand out and work with as many influencers.

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Manage all your ambassadors easily 😎

To get started in influencer marketing, organization and management are the secrets to success! Thanks to your follow-up board and tags, interactions with your ambassadors have never been so smooth.

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Why Favikon ?

We make it easy for you to contact thousands of influencers

Simple & Easy ListS 💡

Create lists to all influencers depending on your needs.

Contact ALL influencers 📩

Sends a personalized message to all influencers in one click.


Optimize your messages, sort contacts and launch collabs.

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