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Tracking down and getting in touch with influencers can be challenging. We make it easy for you to find the influencers that best suit your needs and identify the perfect gem for your brand.

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How it works

Simple, yet powerful features

We say no to complicated and useless features. With Favikon, it will take you a few seconds to rank any influencer and its purpose to your brand.

Pick your search filters

Looking for a fitness girl influencer between 50K and 100K followers in Brisbane, Australia ? Just fill your criteria and start the search!

Sort your results

Want to filter down your results ? Sort it by Favikon score to see the very best profiles only.

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Select the influencers that
best match your brand

You want to contact 354 influencers and you don’t know how? Thanks to our messaging feature all you need is to create a list of profiles and enter your personalized message. simple, isn’t it?

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Book a demo with our teams and get started with the platform

Why Favikon ?

We make it easy to find ALL influencers


No unnecessary features. Pick your keywords, pick your search filter, and click. All the results are instateanous and Favikon boosts the quickest search filter on the market.

20+ Filters 🎯

On Favikon, you can filter by pretty much any filter you want. Want to find micro-influencers dog-lovers in Nebraska ? Go for it, there are 549 of them on Favikon.

Fast & Accurate 🤖

Thanks to AI and machine learning, searches on Favikon are the most accurate and relevant on the market. Click and enjoy.

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