Influencer Watch

Watch your influencers, track all their partnerships, get notified and download their stories. All in real time.

Why Favikon?

Track millions of influencers in real time.

Don't waste time and get notified on all brand collaborations made by influencers. Track all your campaign content and download stories. The market is yours to take!

Watch your competitors and emerging brands

Check all partnerships worldwide in a newsfeed that's updated in real time.

Identify what works and emerging influencers

Track all the performances of your influencer's campaigns in your lists in real time.

Seize creative inspiration from ongoing campaigns

Anticipate all your competitor's moves tracking all collabs they're doing with influencers.

Be always one step ahead from competitors

Export in CSV to use all information you need the way you want.

How it works

Sit, track and watch

The ultimate system to watch all influencers

Watch your lists

When doing lists, click on the "Watch" option to get notified on all the partnered content made by them.

Track all partnerships

On your newsfeed, you'll be notified on all the partnered content, including stories !

Download all their content

Track all content produced by the influencer, including stories, and download them in your very own personal space.

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