How Favikon helped Reglo work with 22 petfood friendly influencers

Case Study - Reglo

What is Reglo ?

Reglo is a brand that sells sustainable petfood made in France.

The company needed to boost their sales and wanted to give a go at influencer marketing.

The campaign

The goal of this first campaign was to partner with dog friendly influencers to raise awareness about their products.

The strategy

Send targeted dog friendly influencers a 2.5kg bag and free samples as well as a welcome kit including a transition guide, a welcome card and a presentation flyer. In return, ask for a publication, a story or even an IGTV.

Reglo had never worked with influencers before


- Gain visibility on social networks (increase in the number of subscribers, awareness of Reglo...)

- Trigger new sales

- Create long-term links with influencers and to identify potential brand ambassadors

How Reglo used Favikon

First search :

👉 Search by keywords: dog, dogs, environment, kibble, eco responsible, veggie, vegan, vegetarian, dog
👉 Search in bio: if the influencer highlights the word "dog"
👉 Hide brands (not relevant for them)

📍 Country: France
👥 Level of influencer: between 10K and 50K abonnés
💯 Minimum Favikon score: 3/5→ 200 results

Refining the search

Using keywords, they were able to check whether these influencers had already collaborated with competitors;

New filter: between 5K and 10K subscribers (to widen the research panel)

➡️ Creation of a list of 83 influencers.

Contact all targeted influencers

83 profiles contacted 👉 22 positive responses thanks to the Matcher Feature
Total search time: 3 days

The results

The beginning of a long-term relationship with lots of influencers

22 influencers collaborations
+ 500 subscribers (i.e. 📈60%)
6 posts, 8 stories and 1 IGTV, and more to come!
+3000 likes in total
What Reglo thinks about Favikon

The interview

A comment from the Partnership Manager

I found the platform very easy to use and it came in very handy for our needs. Without Favikon, it would have taken me forever to find relevant and quality profiles. The CSV export is really useful, I for sure intend to keep using the tool for our next campaigns!

Solène Vandenberghe
Solène Vandenberghe, Communication Officer