Why Favikon

Favikon gives the power back to brands

Our mission is to help you work with influencers... with zero risk involved.

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Work with influencers as part of your marketing strategy

Everyone should be able to work with influencers. We give you all the tools to make it yourself.

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Save money and time

Existing influencer marketing tools are expensive and hard to use. Favikon is super easy and affordable so that everyone can work with influencers.

Maximize your ROI

Influencer Marketing delivers 11x ROI over all other forms of digital media!

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Take Ownership of your Influencer Strategy

Influencers are professionals, and most of the time, you don't need to work with third parties. Favikon gives you all the information you need to guarantee sucess.

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Eliminate all risks associated with influencers

Influencer marketing is risky because of lack of transparency and information. Favikon is all about giving you as much intel as possible on influencers so you can work with influencers safely.

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Why Favikon

The rockstar team behind Favikon

Working with influencers in the past, we realized how the process remained complicated and not transparent. We've decided to make a change.

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