Privacy Policy
for Influencers


MOOJITO SAS (hereinafter Favikon) attaches particular importance to the protection of personal data that Favikon processes about Influencers on social networks. The Favikon platform contains public information about people who have profiles on social networks, and the processing of these is explained on this page.

Within this Privacy Policy, we inform the Influencers of the processing of data in accordance with what is established in the current data protection regulation, which establishes that, when it is impossible or requires a disproportionate effort to inform interested parties of the processing of their data, appropriate measures must be adopted to protect their data, freedoms and legitimate interests, including making the information public, which Favikon achieves within this Privacy Policy.

In order to make this Privacy Policy fully understandable, here are the precise definitions of the terms discussed:

  • Influencer is a physical or legal person who has a public profile on a social network, including Instagram and Tik Tok, and whose number of followers exceeds 3,000.
  • The Favikon Platform is the service that Favikon performs to analyze the profiles of Influencers in order to enable Favikon's clients to conduct commercial actions and partnerships with Influencers.


The Favikon platform, as well as the data processing, are under the responsibility of MOOJITO SAS, a French company registered in the Trade Register of Créteil under number 84059244800012, and based at 11 Rue Carnot, 94270 Le Kremlin Bicêtre.

The Influencer may contact Favikon at the following email address:


3.1 What data is processed?

The personal data that Favikon analyzes about Influencers are the data that the same Influencers have made public on social networks, including, but not limited to, the following data:

  • Profile information: first and last names, business names, profile names, images, videos, languages, profile descriptions, publications, etc.
  • Business contact information: emails, online and/or postal addresses.
  • Statistical data on subscribers: Favikon only processes non-personal information about an Influencer's audience, and relies on a sampling technique to give an overview of the Influencer's audience; in no case does Favikon give the full data of the Influencer's subscribers.

In addition, Favikon may analyze particular categories of data, such as political opinions, racial or ethnic origin, religion, etc., only in the event that an Influencer has included such information on his or her public profile. Therefore, Favikon does not have the technological ability to know whether such data is processed, unless it is expressly made public by the Influencer.

Favikon does not analyze any private data and will never do so. If the Influencer switches their account to private, all the date information is automatically erased from the database.

3.2 What is the purpose of the data?

The data is used to analyze the social network profiles so that Favikon and its clients can connect and collaborate with the Influencers and thus realize business intentions and actions. Likewise, the data is processed in order to contact the Influencers thanks to the contact information they have made public, and in order to offer them partnerships.

3.3. Recipients and processing outside the European Union

Favikon may communicate personal data to its customers. This communication is necessary in order to establish the commercial relationship between the customers and the Influencers.

3.4 Lawful processing

The legal basis that legitimizes the processing of Influencers' data, for the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy, is the legitimate interest of Favikon, its customers, and in this case the Influencers, to carry out the business activities between the parties.

Furthermore, Favikon informs Influencers that, as it only processes personal data made public by them on social networks, the impact on their privacy is minor.

In the case of special categories of data, the legal basis that legitimizes the processing of such data is that the data has been openly made public by the Influencers.

3.5 Processing periods and updates

The Influencer's data will be processed for an indefinite period of time, unless the Influencer requests the deletion of the data or objects to its processing. Thereafter, the data will be kept in blocked form for the time necessary to meet any liabilities arising from its processing.

In addition, the Influencer's information will be updated periodically based on changes made by the Influencer to his/her public profile.


Favikon does not have the ability to monitor the Influencer's age, as this is not personal data that the Favikon platform directly collects. Nevertheless, in the event that Favikon may suspect, for any reason, the presence of minors on the Platform, Favikon will undertake the appropriate steps to request consent to the processing of the data from the minor and/or legal guardians, or, if necessary, cancel the data.


The data protection regulations guarantee the Influencer the following rights:

  • Access: The Influencer has the right to know what information is being processed, where it was obtained, to whom it was provided and how it was processed.
  • Rectification: The Influencer has the right to correct any inaccurate or outdated information.
  • Erasure: The Influencer has the right to request the erasure of their personal data.
  • Objection: The Influencer has the right to object to the processing of his or her personal data for specific purposes.
  • Restriction: The Influencer has the right to request the restriction of his or her personal data, but in such a way that it is retained for a future purpose.
  • Portability: The influencer has the right to obtain a copy of his or her personal data in an electronic format and, in certain circumstances, to request that it be provided to another service provider. This only applies to computerized processing done with the influencer's consent or for the performance of a contract.
  • Withdrawal of consent: The Influencer has the right to withdraw consent, which in this case is given for the processing of data.
  • These rights require the ability to identify the Influencer exercising them and to link his or her identity to the data processed by Favikon, so the Influencer must provide information in order to be identified.

Influencers may exercise the above rights at Favikon, by mail to the above address, or by email to

Updated on 07/26/2021