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Do you want to build your influence strategy internally? Good news, you can manage everything from start to finish on Favikon!

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No need to pay a fortune and sign for a 3 years contract. Favikon is accessible with no commitment from only $39/month!

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Favikon lists all influencers from all countries and all networks. You will inevitably find the influencer that best suits your needs!

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Tired of platforms designed for marketing pros with 20 years of experience? Favikon was designed to be used by everyone!

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With the Favikon Score for influencers and campaigns, you will finally work with influencers without risking wasting your time and money.

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All that matters to us is your success! We are present on the chat support to accompany you on this journey.

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Your digital strategy will take a step forward if you integrate influencer marketing. Our TOP influencers will help you find the most popular content creators in your city! 😎

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“Favikon is a must have if you want to work with influencers.”

4.7/5 (38 Reviews)


5000+ users worldwide are loving Favikon.

CMOs, Social Media Managers, Influencer Marketing experts... They all have integrated Favikon into their influencer marketing strategy. Find out why.

Stéphane Hoarau
CEO @Made In Social

"Our goal as an agency specialized in influence: To easily find new talents in the different regions of France. Favikon makes this possible and at an unbeatable price on the market. The tool is functional and easy to use, which is why we decided to integrate it into our daily work as a pre-campaign tool."

picture of Alix Fleuret
Alix Fleuret
Influencer Marketing Expert

“Any influencer marketing expert should have a go at Favikon. Very easy to use, intuitive and very thorough when it comes to influencer analytics.”

picture of William Mouëza Lotaut
William Mouëza Lotaut
Social Media Manager @Havas

“Favikon has been nothing short but a life-changer for us when it comes to sourcing influencers. A very powerful tool.”

picture of Roberta Campagnolo
Roberta Campagnolo
Digital PR & Communication @Hub09

"Very useful tool to get the right influencer for your marketing strategy. Very clear to use."

picture of Matthieu Marquenet
Matthieu Marquenet
CEO @Kombo

"Influence Marketing always has been a complicated process for us. Favikon is a life-changer and has made it extremely easy for us to eliminate all risks"

Cattleya Malejac
Co-founder @Poétique Paris

"Favikon is an easy to use and intuitive tool. Finding influencers and contacting them becomes child's play! The rating criteria are relevant to compare and make your choice easily. We have started collaborations for the launch of our new play in September. We can't wait to see the results!"

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Questions & Answers

Is Favikon a marketplace? 🧐

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Favikon is not a marketplace, influencers are not registered on the platform. For your brand, it's much more worth  to have access to ALL creators worldwide, including those that fit perfectly you needs, rather than a few thousand influencers with saturated content.

Is Favikon an agency? 🤫

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Favikon is a software only and was built to make you 100% independent on your influencer marketing strategy. But the Favikon Team will be more than happy to help you with the chatbot, should you have any questions for your campaign.

What is an audit? 📊

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An audit is the datasheet of the creator, that gives you access to all their curated data, including the Favikon Score.

What is the Favikon score? ⚡️

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The Favikon score is used by thousands of brands worldwide to assess the quality of an influencer. Based on powerful algorithm and +50 criteria, it will be a good way to sort out the good creators from the low quality ones.

How do I contact creators? 💌

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On Favikon, you can contact the influencers directly through the messaging feature. You can also send mass mailings!

Is your tool GDPR-compliant? 🌈

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All the data on Favikon is public data. If you're a creator and want your data to be removed, just send an email to privacy@favikon.com!