The best influencer marketing examples of 2022

2022 has brought us even more original and innovative influencer marketing campaigns. We have seen new trends emerge while others continue to develop. Here are 5 of the best influencer marketing campaigns spotted this year.

November 21, 2022
Chloé Le Puil

Our 5 favorites influencer marketing campaigns in 2022

2022 is coming to an end and we thought it was time to take stock of influencer marketing. As expected, we continued to see robust growth in the influencer industry. One reason for this growth is the credibility & trustworthiness of the influencer in the eyes of their audience. In fact, 40% of consumers have claimed that they have at least once made a purchase based on an influencer’s tweet. This is why this year was once again rich in original and inspiring influencer marketing campaigns. Among all these, we have selected 5 of the best Influencer campaigns for you to discover.

Cisco Champions Campaign

Let's start this article with a campaign you've may never heard bof fore. We have chosen to present you with a great B2B influencer marketing campaign that will once again prove that collaborating with influencers is effective in this sector.

Cisco Champions is a campaign created by Cisco that was promoted on the Cisco Insider Twitter account. This campaign aims to connect the best IT professionals.

The chosen professionals had access to the latest Cisco products, which they were able to test and share their opinions through appearances on podcasts, radio, and video conferences.

Here, this campaign worked very well for marketing, and the influencers also highly appreciated it! Indeed, they agreed that access to the latest products and additional training from Cisco was an incredible opportunity for them as well. This is a great example of a campaign that kills two birds with one stone! 💪

Phlur Campaign

@rachelrigler Adam’s reaction to Missing Person by @Phlur 💋✨ #perfume #phlur #perfumetok #fragrance ♬ original sound - Rachel Rigler

This next influencer marketing campaign is actually an unexpected collaboration. During the release of their new perfume "Missing Person", the brand Phlur decided to promote its product in an original way.

"Missing Person" is a fragrance meant to smell like someone you love. The brand has therefore decided to create its communication around this idea.

Then, some content creators on TikTok took the product to test it with their loved ones. The goal was to check if the product promise was true. One of the videos of an influencer making her partner smell the perfume has gone viral. And in the video, the man shows a really surprised reaction, because the smell seems to really resemble the young woman who gave him the perfume.

Without even having foreseen it, the brand created a marketing buzz on the platform thanks to the help of an influencer. After this video, many other creators tested the product, sometimes even live to have their impression on it. This made it possible to give honest reviews on the fragrance. The result was that the perfume sold out very quickly and the brand gained a lot of traction. That’s the power of TikTok! ⚡️

Hirect App Campaign

Have you ever thought of creating an influencer marketing campaign on LinkedIn? If the answer is no, the next campaign should change your mind!

It may seem strange to you, but LinkedIn seems to be the future favorite platform for brands to use in their influencer marketing campaigns. LinkedIn is traditionally a career-focused platform designed for networking. But it seems to be transforming into a more traditional social media site over the past few years. People create followings and share paid content as we can see here.

Hirect App launched its campaign a few months ago by collaborating with several LinkedIn creators. This influencer marketing campaign aimed to create brand awareness among professionals and get them to download the app. But then why have it set up on LinkedIn? Quite simply because it is the best network to reach their target.

Indeed, as mentioned just above, Hirect App tends towards a professional target since the principle of the application is to simplify the hiring process for founders, team leaders, and hiring managers. LinkedIn creators have thus written their most engaging posts sharing their experiences and opinions on the application.

This campaign was very well done! As the brand was able to clearly define its target, it was allowed to choose the right social network to launch the campaign and to work with trusted specialized creators. We love this! 🔥

Caia Cosmetics Campaign

Did you know that influencer marketing delivers 11x higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing? And this is all the more true when brands collaborate with nano and micro-influencers!

The following influencer marketing campaign is a great example of a campaign organized around small creators. Caia Cosmetics is a makeup brand that created an entire marketing campaign with various micro-influencers on Instagram. They all have between 1 and 3K followers on their accounts and are specialized in creating makeup or lifestyle content. For several weeks, the chosen content creators posted their best looks and makeup using Caia Cosmetics products on the platform.

Although it is a rather traditional campaign that we’ve seen for years on social media, the use of micro-influencers has allowed the brand to have good results. This is explained by the community of these influencers which is not very large. This allows the creators to be closer to their followers and to establish a climate of mutual trust. Thus, when micro-influencers promote products, the engagement of their followers is much higher. Once again, this is a great campaign, and a good job from the brand and the influencers! 💎

We Are Team Situations Campaign

If we know one thing for sure, it's that our French have talent! For this last campaign, we have selected an example of a collaboration that revolves around co-creation between influencer and brand. The most classic campaigns are sometimes the best ones!

French influencer Lena Situations recently decided to celebrate her community with a three-stripe capsule collection. She collaborated with Adidas to create her "We are team Situations" collection where she imagined 4 pairs of sneakers for her fans. And she is the first French influencer to have this privilege!

This campaign is very well thought out. Indeed, Léna Situations aka Léna Mahfouf was the face of the Adidas "Step Into You" campaign in 2021. Today, it seems quite logical that she strengthen her link with the brand around a more personal project. In addition, the influencer that has quickly made a name for itself in the fashion world, remains in its specialized field with this collaboration

The choice of an influencer as well known and close to the brand, combined with the "fashion" products offered by the partnership ensures the success of the Adidas campaign since it directly appeals to Léna’s community. It’s such a great job from both the brand and the influencer! 🌟

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