How do you see the future of the influencer marketing industry?

Based in Spain, Miguel is an influencer expert. He shares with us his experience and advice for those who want to work with influencers 🤳🏼

March 16, 2021
Roxane Aguilar
Introduce yourself in a few words, your professional background, and in the influencer industry?

My name is Miguel, I live in Barcelona and I am multicultural. So I have friends from different countries and I have always spent a lot of time on social networks. I have always been interested in them, since Facebook!

I have done data analysis and brand management: from the definition, it is clear that I worked on the production management to the analysis of the results, and therefore having a 360° view of influencer marketing. It allowed me to understand what data is relevant for decision making and to judge the success of a campaign but also how this world works. Most of my friends are on the entrepreneurial trip: fast food, clothing brand... Little by little I became their referent to manage their relationship with influencers. And the more you get involved the more exciting it is, since then I haven't stopped!

Can you describe your job and what it consists of?

My job is very simple: to make sure that the relationship between influencers and brands is as successful as possible so that the message is impactful and effective. For that, I take care of :

  • Collaborating with content creators who are in line with the brand's values, who have a qualified audience that fits the brand's objective.
  • The management of the campaign from A (selecting the influencers, contracting the relationship ...) to Z (payroll management, campaign reporting ...).
How do you see the future of the influencer marketing industry?

The year 2020 has been a gas pedal: brands are much more present on social networks, and this will continue! Today, each person consumes information differently, depending on the platform or the content creator. Brands will use these multiple channels in a complementary way to communicate with their audience. And the communities gathered around influencers are more demanding in the collaborations: in terms of authenticity, the meaning of the campaigns...

Do you think TikTok will become the new platform of choice for partnerships and pass Instagram?

Very complicated to answer! TikTok exploded in 2020 and other networks have integrated short video sharing vertically: for example Instagram with Reels and Netflix with Fast Laughs. For now, Instagram remains the #1 choice in influencer marketing but who knows in the future!

Your favorite social network? Why is that?

Impossible to choose, but right now my heart is swinging between these 3:

  • Instagram: the dinosaur of the top, but the must-have, I follow a lot of memes pages and I have my list of content creators that I love!
  • TikTok: a lot of different concepts and the filters are an incredible creativity liberator! The AI is really good, you can scroll for a long time on the "For you" feed without getting bored!
  • Clubhouse: I didn't think I would spend so much time on it! But there are so many interesting rooms, the discussions are exciting and I think there is a lot of FOMO
What do you think about Club House? Do you think it will become a necessary communication channel for companies?

We already see brands being more and more visible on the network, it's a tool that allows very qualitative and natural exchanges with the audience. So yes, the question would be to follow how brands will find their place in the long term.

Finally, would you have any advice for anyone who wants to work with influencers?

Take the time to understand how each social network works, what the users' codes are, and be uncompromising about respecting good practices! The time of "just about" is over, influencer marketing is becoming more professional and it is imperative to perform a quantitative and qualitative analysis before partnering with a content creator. To be effective, influencer marketing must be authentic: an alignment of the values of the creative universe. A continuous relationship between the brand and the influencer is the best guarantee. And the content creator must know his audience: brands must leave some creative freedom so that the message does not sound false and can resonate with their audience.

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