How to be travel influencer during lockdown ?

With more than 140K followers on Instagram, Yann and Aurélie answer our questions on their career as influencers and on the influence industry 🤳✨👀

February 2, 2021
Roxane Aguilar
Introduce yourself in a few words, your career path and in the sector of influence

We are Yann & Aurélie, from the Instagram @amoureuxdumonde account. We have been bloggers/content creators for 3 years.

Aurélie, 27 years old, studied digital marketing (M2 at Sup de Pub Paris) and worked in an SEO agency for almost a year. I am 33 years old and studied in a business school and M2 in finance and worked 5 years as a management controller. We met on Tinder 7 years ago! 

We have had an Instagram account together for 4 years. This account is focused on traveling but sometimes we can make an impact. We are also passionate about this new marketing leverage and have set up training courses for professionals and business or tourism schools. We are mainly involved in Master 2 at INSEEC with a module on "influence marketing".

What made you decide to become an influencer? 

The passion for travel at the beginning and then the passion for photos afterwards. When we understood that with a quality audience we could travel all over the world we decided to create as much content as possible.

Is it a full time job?

Yes, for the last 2 years and a half. As soon as we created our blog 3 years ago to this day, we started having contracts with tourist offices. Remuneration through influence came later when we had 30K subscribers. 

Do you plan to do this all your life or do you plan to diversify in the content you offer?

We never thought we would say that one day but we like to stay at home and enjoy our friends now. In 2019, before Covid, we travelled 11 months in total over the year... So yes, we will continue to travel as much as possible but we are diversifying our income so that we don't "have to" travel ☺.

What opportunities have you had as an influencer?

So many positive things. A new passion for photography, numerous trips, cultural discoveries, encounters, unusual experiences, a new activity as a speaker...

With the covid and the lockdowns, many travel influencers have found it difficult to produce new content. Were you able to continue your world tour in spite of everything? How would you have done otherwise?

Indeed, our business is suffering from this global pandemic. We want to continue to share travel content so we are struggling to change our content to take a lifestyle shift and work harder. But we're hopeful that we'll be able to resume some travel this year!

We take this opportunity to optimize our blog, translate it into English and find new partners. 

Which Instagram accounts do you admire (traveling or otherwise), and why?

We love @doyoutravel and @gypsea_lust accounts. They are the oldest "travel couple" and they've managed to offer content that's stayed the same over time.

Also, we love the work of @jordi.koalitic, one of the bestin terms of creativity!

In general, what kind of partnership do you prefer? How many have you done in total?

We love partnerships with tourist offices because we discover a lot of things in a very short period of time and we can create a lot of content.

It's impossible for us to quantify because we've done over 100 collaborations. But in a purely travel contract I would say between 20 and 30 ☺ 

What is the main reason for accepting a partnership? (remuneration, type of product, company value, approach ...?)

We have a lot of requests every day but we accept very few. Indeed, we only work with partners who have a real track record. We will never take the risk to put forward a brand that we cannot trust 100%. We like it all the more when the values correspond to ours. The approach is important, yes, it shows directly how serious our partner really is.

And yes, the remuneration is important, except when the project is important to us. We do not work and do not offer visibility for free. 

A last word on your vision of influence, how do you think the market will evolve in the coming years? Do you see yourself becoming an influencer all your life?

The market of influence has been exploding for several years and I don't see how it could stop. Budgets allocated to influence marketing are reviewed at the increases each year. There were (still today but less and less) a lot of drifts with budgets used anyhow. But this job is more and more democratized and tools like Favikon help companies and/or agencies to use the leverage of influence to the best of their ability. A Campaign of well-conducted and well-targeted influence brings unparalleled ROI to others marketing techniques.

All my life, I don't know. But as long as the content we share will be interesting and followed, there is no reason for it to stop !

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