Marketing Ideas For Mother's Day 2022

Mother's Day is an excellent time for brands to promote their products but also to spread a positive message. Whether you want to boost your sales, or assert your brand image, it is time to think about your strategy! 💡

April 5, 2022
Camille Valentin

Mother’s day is the perfect time to show the most important woman in our life how much she means to us. As a brand, it is also the right time to position yourself. Whether you wish to boost your sales, or simply spread a positive message, don’t miss the occasion. There are many ways to do that: giveaways, posts on social media, or even special discounts… The options are endless! But if you are running out of ideas, don’t worry we have gathered some tips and ideas to help you build the perfect marketing strategy for Mother’s Day. 

List of Marketing Ideas For Mother’s Day

There are many ways to create impactful content for Mother’s Day.

Work with Influencers and create emotional content

Why not create meaningful content for Mother's Day? Of course, you could do it yourself, but you could also contact influencers. Brands are organizations, whereas an influencer is also a user, so it would make sense for them to create emotional content. It can be a bit touchy for a brand to create inspirational content. They can easily get attacked and criticized. Why so? Because the content looks like it was staged. Of course, there are solutions to this perception of commercial content, and the most effective and successful of them is to work with influencers!

With content creators, it is different. It is hard to criticize someone else's feelings. But why invalidating people's feelings can be more difficult? Well, because they are based purely on their own experiences when on the contrary, brands' emotional content can be perceived as fake instead of authentic.

Overall, influencers' content can be perceived as more genuine, and people can be more receptive to it as they can relate. 

If you'd like to collaborate with a content creator for Mothers' Day, you could, for instance, ask them about various types of content! 

For instance, they can share their favorite moment with their mother, or if the influencer and their mother accept, you could also ask them to create content together. It is pretty common for influencers to create content with their family members for this special day. Like taking their yearly family picture for Thanksgiving, some influencers enjoy sharing their special moments with their mothers. 

But careful! If an influencer isn't comfortable showing their family on their Instagram, it is their choice. In this case, your brand has two options. You can either adapt the content to the influencer into a post they agree to do. Or find and contact another influencer who would like to appear with their mom on their Instagram.

If you need an example of a successful Mother’s Day post, here is a great one! Natoo, a French Youtuber with more than 5M subscribers, often posts videos with her mother. She even posted a video titled "I surprised my mother for Mother's day". Typically, this kind of influencer would be perfect for collaborating with for this special day! 

Now that we have gone over the emotional family kind of posts for Mother’s Day let's take a look at another key influencer marketing strategy to generate authentic and effective content.

UGC is a winning strategy for brands 

If you want to launch a social media campaign but don’t necessarily want to work with influencers, User Generated Content (UGC) is the right strategy for you! This is another great way to create genuine content for your brand. It’s even more true with UGC. The goal with it is to encourage social media users to post about your brands spontaneously, and because they aren’t forced to post the content, their posts are often seen as more trustworthy by other users. Therefore, people will trust your brands more. 

Now, you might be wondering how to encourage people to post for free? There are different ways to do that, but you could for instance create a challenge. 

Last year, Samsung created the hashtag #MakeMomEpic on TikTok. This challenge aimed to celebrate mothers and show how brave and strong they are. Users were encouraged to share videos of their mom in their daily life and then videos of their mother “revealing them epically”. The hashtag currently has 24.9B views. 

UGC is really a winning strategy for brands for multiple reasons. Firstly, a lot of content is being created for your brand for free, meaning that you can relive some budget for other things. Secondly, this content is posted by random people who don’t gain anything from it, thus their post will be more appreciated and trusted than brand or influencer’s content. Your brand image will benefit from it. Moreover, by creating the right challenge or hashtag, your brand could easily get viral. Finally, it is an easy way to federate a community. Your brand is defined by different values in which your audience recognizes itself. By participating in a challenge or by posting about your brand, they reassert their interest in your brand but also show they want to be part of a community that describes itself through your brand’s value. For instance, Starbucks evokes a certain social success, it also evokes the value of hard work. Thus, by posting their Starbucks cups users implies that they are also hardworking and successful. 

Special Mother's Day Content 

Another option is to create your own content dedicated to Mother's Day. It is always great to create content according to current special events, news, national days, etc. People are interested in the content as they celebrate the same events as your brand. Many people will probably search the internet for gift ideas for celebrations like Mother's Day or Father's Day, making it the perfect time for your brand to position itself. 

On your social media, you could make a selection of your products and showcase the ones that would make great gifts for Mother's Day. Moreover, many brands like to create special editions, special offers, or packs for these events! The type of content you decide to plan will depend on your influencer campaign objectives: boosting your visibility, engagement, sales, etc. For example, Special Mother's Day editions are great for the brand's engagement and image. Special offers are a great way to boost your sales with discounts etc.

For this type of content, Instagram and TikTok are great social networks. Instagram will inform your followers about your new products, whereas on TikTok, you will be able to reach a larger audience that doesn't necessarily already know your brand. That is why it is interesting to post on both of these platforms.

Publishing content on your blog or website and sending a unique NewsLetter is also essential. Typically, search engines are the first tools people will use to research information and ideas for Mother's Day. Thus, your brand could write a special article, TOP, or review about Mother's Day. For example: "Best present ideas for Mother's day," "The story of Mother's Day," "Testimonials of mothers and daughters," etc. Finally, Newsletters can be very effective as you can share more information about your brand's products. You can also add a more authentic side to it by sharing how your team celebrates Mother's Day etc. 

Create a Mother's Day Gift Guide 

What would Mother's Day be without gifts? It is time to put your products in the spotlight. Flowers, makeup, jewelry, a day at the spa… These are typical gift ideas for Mother's Day. If your products aren't in these categories, don't worry you can still promote them for this special day. But to do so, you need to let your audience and customers know that your products would be an excellent present for their mother. 

How do you promote your products? It's very simple. You can create a selection of items that would be great for Mother's Day or add a sticker to specific products on your website. You could also create a package of items you think would go well together. 

If your brand didn't plan any special editions for Mother's Day, you must create the perfect Mother's Day combo! It's quite easy. All you need to do is offer a few options to your audience with a different selection of prices and products. The most common options are a pack of 2, 3 or 4 products. This option allows you to present a broader range of prices than just creating a single Mother's Day pack. Users can choose if they want the smaller and less expensive pack or pay a higher price for a more significant gift pack! 

Now, what exactly should your Mother's Day gift pack contain? Your brand can let customers choose the products they wish to purchase and create their own unique gift pack by organizing a selection of products with similar prices. Or, another option would be to create these Mother's Day packs with best seller products and a specific selection of products most often bought by women from a particular age range. 

If your brand doesn't plan to create any special gift packs, then you can always present a special selection (a mix of best seller products and products bought by women from a particular age range) on your website. With an appealing landing page with your Mother's Day collection, selection, or campaign.

Launch a Mother’s Day Giveaway 

Giveaways are always a great strategy to boost your social media, but they work even better when they are linked with holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. These holidays are often synonymous with celebrations so it makes more sense for brands and influencers to offer gifts to their audience. Launching a giveaway for Mother’s Day whether it is in collaboration with an influencer or directly on your brand account can be beneficial. 

In order for your giveaway to be a success and to attract people to participate, make sure that it is relevant to Mother’s Day. You should either offer products relevant to Mother’s Day or offer a service that both the winner and their mother can do together. For instance, if you are in the food industry, you could give a cooking course for the winner and their mother, or else a dinner for 2 at a restaurant. The idea is to celebrate the relationship between a mother and their children so if your gift involves something or an activity that they can share together, it would be even better. 

Although doing a giveaway on your brand’s account is interesting, it is always better to do a giveaway in collaboration. If you do a giveaway on your own, the risk is that you will only attract people who already follow you. Now you might just want to do this giveaway to “reward” your audience, but keep in mind that giveaways are the perfect opportunity to grow your number of followers. This is why doing it in collaboration with an influencer is clever. Not only will your audience participate in the giveaway but also their audience. Both you and the influencers will gain new followers from it. 

When launching a giveaway on Instagram with an influencer, it is interesting to use the collaborative post feature, as the post will appear on both of your accounts. 

Mother’s Day exclusive coupon

Finally, the last strategy to consider is to create an exclusive coupon for Mother's Day. The goal is to encourage people to purchase your products by making an exclusive offer. It is interesting to share this special offer on your social media or in your newsletters to see better results. For instance, why not include a special discount or promo code in your following newsletters. The special offer can be a discount or a free product. 

Like giveaways are an excellent way to gain visibility in no time, and gift guides allow brands to have better engagement, coupons are a great strategy to boost your sales as they are very attractive! They create a feeling of exclusivity, as users can purchase the same products as everyone else but with a special coupon.

Your brand can either focus on showcasing the product and sharing the coupon code in the description or directly focus on the coupon code as the actual content.

Did you know? Promo codes are an excellent tool to evaluate your influencer campaign! You can provide individual promo codes to your influencers and ask them to share them on their posts' descriptions, stories, lives, etc. Then, you can track the number of sales each influencer generated during this campaign! 

When should I start promoting Mother's Day?

I'm sure it has happened to all of us to forget special days such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, a family member's birthday, or even your anniversary! Then once we realize which day it is, shops are closing, we have no gifts, and I wish I'd come across a reminder beforehand to order a nice gift in time.

Well, that is your brand's objective! To remind your audience that Mother's Day is right around the corner, and you happen to have the perfect gift for them.

It is ideal to start your Mother's Day campaign three to four weeks before the d-day. Your brand can start teasing your special Mother's Day gift pack by posting two to three posts a few weeks in advance. Then the closer the day comes, the more your brand should be posting about Mother's Day. Now it's not usual for children to think about Mother's Day many weeks before. Thus it is most likely they won't remember your Mother's Day discount, pack, or else either. That is why advertising your influencer campaign or brand content too early doesn't mean it will be efficient. 

The key is to post more and more until the d-day while keeping the shipping deadlines in mind. For example, three weeks away from Mother's Day, your brand can share a few posts about your Mother's Day article and the meaning of this special day, send the first Newsletter about Mother's Day, etc. 

Then two weeks before, start sharing your best sellers, discounts, special packs for Mother's Day, and finally, the last week arrives. This is the most crucial week as most people purchase a present a few days before Mother's Day, just enough in advance for the shipping to arrive in time. In other words, a week before Mother's Day, your brand can post regularly (1 post/day minimum) with appealing visuals showcasing your special coupons, giveaways, gift packs, and best sellers. 

That's it for Mother's Day influencer campaigns and social media content! If you enjoyed our article, check out our blog for more tips, tricks, and best practices about influencer marketing. 

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