Instagram mom influencers boost this photo book brand’s engagement

Neveo, a photo memory book company, created a massive influencer marketing strategy and planned three campaigns with more than 300 mom influencers on Instagram. With a total of 234 posts and almost 1530 stories, we can say the brand gained massive visibility by reaching around 914 000 users! Neveo also achieved great engagement results in the French market. And there’s more! The company gave it a try and entered the German and the United States market as a test. A great strategy to define which communities worldwide are most receptive to their campaigns.

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Raise the engagement of a family photo book brand

Founded in 2015, Neveo is an app that allows you to select your favorite family photos and get them all together into one family photo book. A monthly journal you can send to your grandparents to maintain the intergenerational family relationship. 

Now for the 6-month gift box launch, Neveo identified two main goals to achieve for the new campaign. The objectives involved publishing the new package and initiating conversions as quickly as possible. In other words, growing the engagement with the right audience and building a stronger bond with their community.

Focus on the use of Favikon

Type of Influencer
Nano & Micro
Social Network
Favikon Minimum Score
20 000 €

How to find mom influencers on Instagram?

Now, how did Neveo find the perfect mom influencers on Instagram for their new influencer campaign? It’s pretty simple! The brand used Favikon’s Research feature. Neveo searched specific hashtags and keywords relevant to the niche audience they target and specified the influencer tier and location. 

By searching hashtags like #mom #family #lifestyle #souvenirs used on Instagram by nano- to micro-influencers (influencers with 0 to 50k followers), in France, Germany, and the United States, the search results reached 485 600 profiles. The brand used the List feature and created four of them to contact 600 mom influencers in total.

We took a Pro subscription for 4 months in October 2021. I am satisfied with the results and the services: reactivity and listening of the Favikon team for the implementation of features! The export in CSV of the influencers performances with the possibility to make its rankings is very satisfying.
Charlotte Lejeune, Communication Manager
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Influencer campaign KPIs

914 000
1 523

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