These dog influencers boosted this brand’s sales

These dog influencers boosted this brand’s sales

Working with dog influencers to boost visibility

Reglo is a new brand of healthy, eco-friendly and eco-responsible food for happy dogs. Their food is made from insect proteins, and made in France.

The goal of this first campaign was to partner with dog-friendly influencers to spread the word about their products. As a new brand, influencers needed to boost initial sales and spread awareness of the products. So the objectives of this campaign were really to gain visibility and gain customers. 

The brand didn’t have any budget for this campaign and decided to work with nano influencers and send them free products. 

Focus on the use of Favikon

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Finding the perfect dog influencers for a campaign 

In order to reach their goal, the brand decided to contact influencers with dogs. They sharpened their research on Favikon by selecting only nano Instagram dog influencers who had a minimum Favikon score of 3. They also added popular instagram hashtags among dog lovers such as #doglover, #chiot, #puppy, #chien, #petstagram. They managed to find 200 instagram dog influencers on Favikon and ended contacting 83 of these dog influencers. To make things  easier they created a list directly on Favikon regrouping all the influencers with dogs they had selected. 

They also created a campaign with the 22 influencers who accepted to partner with them. This feature on our website allowed them to track and analyze their campaign. They were able to easily track the content of their dog influencers but also the results of their partnerships such as the reach, the total number of views on their stories, etc.

I found the platform very easy to use and it came in very handy for our needs. Without Favikon, it would have taken me forever to find relevant and quality profiles. The CSV export is really useful, I for sure intend to keep using the tool for our next campaigns!
Solène Vandenberghe
En savoir plus

Influencer campaign KPIs


16 960


4 688


1 672



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