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TOP 10 Crypto Influencers

From entrepreneurs, investors and traders to YouTube and Instagram Crypto influencers, who are the TOP Crypto Influencers of social media?

July 20, 2022
Clémence Del Castillo

Over the past five years, various cryptocurrencies have performed exceptionally well, the most popular being Bitcoin. This ever-growing trend has raised the attention of many financial market experts and even individuals. It goes to say that this growing sector has created a new community on social media: Crypto Influencers. 

TOP Crypto Influencers on YouTube

YouTube is an ideal platform for Crypto Influencers. They can take their time to explain their methods, tips, and predictions with long videos. TikTok is also a good platform for Crypto Influencers since cryptocurrency market trends can radically change at night. The short video platform allows them to communicate new information easily by posting a short video. However, as cryptocurrency can be a complex topic, thus it can take a few minutes at least to explain specific terms, and YouTube appears to be more adapted to their content. We have selected five Crypto influencers on YouTube so you have examples of crypto YouTube influencers to work with.

1. U.G - UG Capital Venture

Favikon Score: 4,9/5


In the first place, we have U.G. Capital Venture! This Crypto influencer is close to reaching a perfect Favikon Score of 4.9/5. With 11.5K followers, he impressed us with a great engagement rate of +10% and an excellent comment/view ratio. In other words, this influencer engages with his community and exchanges ideas and opinions in the comment section. His followers and viewers often share their impressions and discuss them with other users. Thus the purpose of partnering with this content creator is to grab the attention of his audience!

2. Humphrey Yang - HumphryYang

Favikon Score: 4,7/5

745 K Followers

In second place comes another Crypto pro! This YouTube influencer varies his content constantly. From Do’s and Don’ts, tips, tendencies, and strategies, he will give you all the keys to saving money! With 745K followers, he reaches a 4.7 Favikon Score with a growth rate of +18%. Moreover, as he is always aware of the latest trends and news, he posts quite often on his YouTube channel, providing him an amazing account freshness score! 

3. Sheldon Evans - SheldonEvans

Favikon Score: 4,3/5


Sheldon not only has an excellent Favikon Score, but he also reaches an impressive number of followers on YouTube! Maintaining a reasonable engagement rate and discussion ratio when gaining followers becomes more challenging. Yet This influencer accepted the challenge and now has an extensive community while holding an engagement rate of +6% and an excellent comment/view ratio! Thus this content creator assures both extensive visibility and engagement, which are the advantages of working with a YouTuber!

4. Julia - Julia's Crypto

Favikon Score: 3,2/5


Let's get on to Julia's Crypto! This influencer will keep you up to date on different kinds of crypto, news, methods to invest, and so on. Julia shares all her tips and tricks to better her investments with her audience, and let me tell you. Her followers love to follow her crypto journey and new tradeoffs. Ok, I know what you're thinking: "but what about her YouTube metrics?". This content creator is a nano influencer, maybe soon growing into a micro as she has an excellent buzz ratio and a growth rate of +11%.

5. Wendy 0 - CryptoWendyO

Favikon Score: 3/5


Let's finish our TOP YouTube Crypto influencers with Wendy! This mid range influencer shares the latest news and best practices with her YouTube community. She reaches an impressive number of followers with 169K subscribers and knows how to lead with good metrics. Wendy has a fantastic account freshness score, an engagement of +10%, and a nice growth rate of +2%. 

Now that we have gone through the TOP five YouTube Crypto influencers, it's time to move on to another social media platform with high potential. I am talking about Instagram, of course! Instagram is also known for having many crypto influencers. The stories allow them to share crypto news instantly easily. Images and carousels enable crypto influencers to share important information, concepts, and communication while being precise. Reels are also a format adapted to this influencer category as they can also show themselves and explain a concept or announce the news in a short video. Reels bring more authenticity to their content by creating a sense of proximity between crypto influencers and their community.

TOP Crypto Influencers on Instagram

1. Thibaut Crypto - @thibautcrypto

Favikon Score: 4.1/5


Number one in our TOP Instagram crypto influencers! Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to take this TOP to a new level. Meet Thibaut, a French crypto investor, pro, and influencer! This influencer creates quality content and adapts his posts to all audiences, from amateurs to professionals. With a 4.1 Favikon Score and 33,7K followers, Thibaut has an excellent account growth of +11%, an excellent account activity of 16 posts in the last month, an outstanding audience quality, and he reached the top following ratio! Finally, Thibaut has already made a few partnerships! 

P.S.: Looks like someone was happy to partner with Thibaut 👀

2. Christopher Jaszczynski - @chrismmcrypto

Favikon Score: 4.1/5


Here comes the crypto influencer of the year 2022! Chris is quite the crypto pro as well as he is the co-founder of mmcrypto! This crypto influencer has many hobbies, from traveling and inspirational speeches to crypto investments and humanitarian projects. Chris was featured in popular media like Forbes and CNBC, and he also has an interesting personal project: building schools with crypto! Regarding his Instagram audit, it looks like Chris is also an influencer pro 💪

3. Robert Kiyosaki - @therealkiyosaki

Favikon Score: 4/5


An impressive Favikon Score, more than two million followers… You guessed it! We are facing a mega influencer! Robert Kiyosaki is well known for his entrepreneurial skills. But don't be fooled. He is also a crypto expert! Known for his book Rich Dad Poor Dad, Mr. Kiyosaki is now on Instagram to share his wisdom with his community. He has millions of followers yet an excellent audience quality, account activity, and account growth of +3% 👏

4. Armando Juan Pantoja - @tallguytycoon

Favikon Score: 3,3/5


In the fourth position comes Armando Juan Pantoja, a tech entrepreneur. He is an expert in various areas like crypto, tech, and stocks. Armando has already been a TED speaker, and today he is very present on his social media. You will find news, case studies, analysis, theories, and so on his Instagram feed. With 393K followers, he reaches a nice Favikon Score, followed by an excellent account activity of 25 posts in the last 30 days and an excellent comment/like ratio. Thus a collab with Armando means professionalism, experience, and visibility!

5. Matthias Mende - @mende

Favikon Score: 3,1/5


To finish our TOP Crypto Influencers, we close this article with Matthias Mende! Our final certified influencer and crypto expert. Matthias has an impressive network as he has encountered many cryptos, trading, and entrepreneurship experts. Today he is a famous macro influencer with a great audience quality, an excellent following ratio, and an outstanding diversity of content score of 4/4!

That's it for our TOP Crypto Influencers! You have the choice, from YouTubers and crypto pros to entrepreneurs and certified experts. Did you enjoy our TOP? Then check our blog for more articles about TOP influencers and influencer marketing!

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