This is how YouTube will boost your sales

When we know some Youtubers make millions of views on their videos, it would be a mistake to not consider Youtuber partnerships for your marketing strategy. Take a pen and paper because we are about to give you all the tips and tricks to make your collaboration a success.

January 27, 2022
Camille Valentin

84% of online shoppers have admitted buying a product after watching a branded video. (source) . Video content plays a major role in digital marketing and it is expected to increase even more in the next few years. So it’s time for you to create and invest in videos. And why not begin with Youtube? Youtube was created more than 15 years ago and has seen the rise of content creators and influencer marketing. The first generation of influencers were either bloggers or YouTubers. Although TikTok, and its short videos, has become one of the biggest social media, it would be wrong to think that Youtube is dead. If your sales aren’t taking off, Youtube is definitely the right way to boost your sales. And it’s your lucky day because we have gathered a few tips to help you do that.

Targeting your audience and choosing the right influencers for your campaign

The key to success on Youtube is first to know who your target audience is. The more precise your audience is, the easier it will be for you to create videos that appeal to them. Youtube really is the platform of diversity. Any niche content can find its audience. There is a lot of content that you wouldn’t expect to be on Youtube. For instance, the Texas Beeworks channel exclusively shares videos of bees and how to take care of them. You might think that no one would want to watch that, but the channel counts almost 100K followers and their videos get on average 106k views. So there’s no doubt that your content has the potential to go viral on the platform.

If you want to collaborate with Youtuber make sure their content fits your niche audience. Communities on Youtube are usually very engaged with the creator’s content. So they are more likely to follow a Youtuber’s recommendations.

A collaboration with a Youtuber can really pay off. But in order to have a successful collaboration, you need to find the right influencer. Nothing is easier! On Favikon you can find YouTubers searching by keywords, channel description, channel name, influencer tier, etc. The number of subscribers isn’t necessarily relevant if you only wish to boost your sales, but if you also want to gain visibility you might want to work with bigger YouTubers.

Once you have found relevant YouTubers, be sure to check a few factors before contacting them. In the case of Youtube, the most important metrics are the engagement rate, the growth rate, but also the buzz ratio which calculates the ratio between the number of views per video compared to the size of their community. The account freshness is also important because it determines if the creator has been active recently. It is always better to work with an influencer who is regularly active as it will ensure that its community is still active as well.

Creating an impactful partnership

The first step to making your partnership a success is to choose your type of partnership. It obviously depends on your objectives, the type of products or services you sell, etc. There are many ways to do a partnership on Youtube. The first one is the review. For this one, you have previously sent your product to this influencer and they are now reviewing it. Whether you tell them what they cannot or can say in their video is up to you. But remember that a partnership works better when it is seen as genuine. So don’t give too many limits to the influencer.

You can also ask a YouTuber to simply give your company a shoutout or promote your company in their video, but this might not be as effective depending on what you sell.

In the same vein, you can be the sponsor of a video in exchange for a shoutout during the video.

Youtube is a platform full of creative content, so why not do a fun collaboration with a creator? There are different ways to do that. If your company already has a Youtube channel, you or one of your employees could physically appear in the video. The other option is to propose a whole concept to your influencer.

A good example would be the French duo, Mcfly et Carlito, they recently did a video in which they prank people by pretending to be driver instructors. The video was sponsored by Stych, which is a driving school. The video perfectly fitted with the brand and because the concept was original it was more impactful and easier to remember. Whether it is on Youtube or other social media, people like when sponsored content fits with the rest of the content of the influencer. If the content looks too fake or is not seen as genuine by the audience, it is less likely that the campaign will be successful.

Finally, you can ask your influencers to share a personalized promo code or discount with their community. This can help the viewer decide if they want to purchase your product because they don't want to miss a great offer. Promo codes or affiliate links can also be interesting to use because you will be able to track easily if the sales you’re making come from the YouTuber or not. Thus you will not if it is profitable to work with this creator again.

So do you feel ready to implement Youtube to your strategy? Working with YouTubers leaves room for creativity and creating new content. Youtube collabs are especially effective, as YouTubers have very engaged audiences. The amount of video content is increasing and will continue to grow in the next few years, so it is the right time to get yourself on track. Youtube even introduced the “Shorts”, which are, as their name indicates, short videos comparable with TikToks and Reels. So if you’re feeling adventurous, why not also try to make Shorts? No matter the format that you choose, remember that a sponsored video will always work better if it fits both the YouTuber's and brand’s images.

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