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Which Social Media for Influencer Partnerships?

Which social media app is best for your influencer campaign? A collab on Instagram, a partnership on YouTube, a co-creation on TikTok... The best social networks that are hosting partnerships with influencers 😎

February 11, 2021
Margot Daugieras

Today each social network has its own set of codes, its own audience and its own way of working. You have to learn their characteristics before you venture into them, otherwise you risk completely missing your targeting!

But then how do you choose from this flock of media platforms? In this article, we will see the main social networks that are hosting marketing partnerships with influencers. Choose the one that best suits your target audience and your pocket! 🤗

Influencer partnerships on Instagram

Oh Instagram, a network we don't present anymore! Second most used network in the world and with a commitment of 5 times more important than Facebook, no wonder Instagram is THE platform for partnerships.

Instagram user characteristic
  • Functionalities dedicated to marketing influencers: stories, swipe up, Instagram shop, filters... The platform offers many solutions to help you promote your product more easily 
  • A network that encourages creativity: story features are updated regularly to help influencers unleash their artistic side! 🎨
  • High engagement rate: Instagram influencers have a higher engagement rate than on any platform, with more active communities!
  • Hashtag effectiveness: the potential reach of the posts is impressive and can allow a nano influencer to get a large number of impressions from a sponsored post.

Giveways on Instagram

The technique of choice to win subscribers and likes, it remains giveways. You win a lot of gifts through the influencer's account with a contest where participation is free. In terms of visibility you can't do better!

Christmas partnership between Amanda and Pizza Hut
@s.a.foodie from Instagram

Influencer partnerships on YouTube

The video content platform is devilishly effective when it comes to partnerships! People watch more than 1 billion hours of video on YouTube every day. A study conducted by Google even proved that Youtube's ROI was even higher than that of TV ads! With many video game Youtubers, the platform has a very strong community.

YouTube user characteristic
  • Qualitative content and engaged audience : Youtube videos are generally more processed than any post on other platforms since the long video format offers more creative possibilities. The audience is engaged and there is a relationship of trust between youtubers and their subscribers: 70% of viewers have already bought a brand after seeing it on YouTube.
  • Long-term profitability : your content will be viewed over time because a video can sometimes be seen years later (which is not the case on other platforms which are more instantaneous).
  • Native advertising : Youtube makes it possible to harmoniously integrate the ads it hosts through creative sponsored videos.
  • Effective SEO: Since Youtube videos are often referenced at the top of the page on Google, a well-executed partnership (with the right Adwords) will help you get known easily.

However, video referencing is currently less efficient than text referencing.

The sponsored video on YouTube

Sponsoring a video means allowing the youtuber to access more resources for the quality of his video. Some will be able to put you forward in a very original way. This so-called unbreakable phone shell brand has allowed many French youtubeurs to create original concepts for their videos. The video below: "If you break this Iphone 11, you get one free": the goal is to show the resistance of these shells.

Influencer partnerships on Facebook

With more than 2.5 billion active users per month, Facebook is the 2nd most visited site after Google. 

Facebook user characteristic

  • Very effective marketing database: Facebook has a large community of users of all ages. Very present amongst the youth, Facebook even reaches the adult segment (which is rarely seen on social networks) who for the most part connect to Facebook every day. It is also the most popular social network among seniors!
  • Long-term engagement : users consult the app a lot: up to 8 times a day on average

Sponsored posts on Facebook

Image result for sponsored content on Facebook influencers

Influencer partnerships on Snapchat

In general, companies don't invest in Snapchat because they think it's a platform just for teens. However, teens make up a large part of the audience (45%), and it is important to keep in mind that these users are getting older: there are now many adults on the platform.

Snapchat user characteristic

  • Very precise target: the social network for the youngest, but therefore a restricted user segment
  • Unique proximity to its members: Snapchat's instant and ephemeral nature makes it the only social network that allows such closeness and engagement between the influencer and his or her community.
  • Features dedicated to influencer marketing: Filters, lenses, the Discover function... all these features will allow you to promote your brand in an original way.

Product testing on Snapchat

Offering an influencer to test a product on snapchat is a very common practice that works! The snapshot nature of the platform shows a honest and therefore less "scripted" aspect: great for your credibility! (with a little promo code, it's always a pleasure!)

Influencer partnerships on TikTok

While the application was already popular, Tiktok really exploded its number of users in 2020 and became one of the most downloaded applications. The platform can thank Covid for bringing more and more people to look for new ways to stay connected to the rest of the world on their phones. 

TikTok user characteristic
  • Emerging platform: there are many TikTok brand partnerships opportunities to explore
  • Numerous creative partnership opportunities: challenges, product discovery and special offer promotions are 3 types of partnerships that work well on this platform
  • Fewer restrictions : Due to the fact that the platform is recent and especially more recently monetizable, there are currently fewer restrictions than on other networks.
  • Very effective for SEO: Thanks to the "Pour Toi" (or "For You" page) it is very easy to have a good SEO on the app. You can also pay to be on the tiktok home page (as soon as you open the app)
  • Low pricing: Currently, TikTok influencers with large communities charge much less than influencers on other platforms such as Instagram.

The application is quite young, there are still some drawbacks such as the impossibility to display links.

Challenge on TikTok

Make a challenge on a piece of music 

As the platform is very music-oriented, tiktok trends are picked up a lot and work very well. A creative challenge will then be welcomed on TikTok!

Influencer partnerships on Twitch

With 15 million members per day, the Twitch platform is booming! 

Twitch user characteristic
  • Very precise target: As twitch is dedicated to streaming, e-sports enthusiasts are mainly present on the platform. This will allow companies close to this medium to aim right with a product placement during a live event.
  • Faster ROI and reasonable cost: it is possible to instantly reach thousands of people thanks to the site's streaming functionality
  • Emerging platform: there are many partnership opportunities to explore

Giveways on Twitch

Mentioning a gift and making one of the viewers win it is a technique that works well on Twitch lives. If well orchestrated, the partnership can have a very good spin-off. We could mention the UberEat X Ninja partnership: the Ninja streamer had to earn a discount to offer to its subscribers by doing a maximum of kill on its game before its UberEat order arrives.

UberEats x Ninja on Twitch

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