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Zemmour Back on TOP on Social Networks

With a 30% increase in followers in December, Zemmour is back on top for French politicians on social networks.

Eric Zemmour has seen spectacular growth on social networks in December, with a 30% increase in followers within a month only, and passing the symbolic 1M threshold. One should keep in mind that he had barely 300K followers early September.  A new incumbent for the top 10 is Christiane Taubira. Since 2021, she almost gave up on social networks. In December, while making her announcement to be a potential candidate for the elections, Christiane Taubira has been active again. She opened a TikTok account, reaching out to a younger electorate. Pecresse has seen spectacular growth as well, taking advantage of her victory in the primary for the Républicains.

The situation on Youtube

Buzzing in December on Youtube

The situation on Facebook

Buzzing in December on Facebook

Zemmour - Les algériens à Barbès - 802K views

The situation on Twitter

Buzzing in December on Twitter

The situation on Instagram

Buzzing in December on Instagram

The situation on Linkedin

Buzzing in December on Linkedin

The situation on TikTok

Buzzing in December on TikTok

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