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Favikon is the only AI-powered influencer marketing platform that covers all niches and all industries. Start your B2C or B2B influencer marketing campaign now for a 10x ROI compared to traditional marketing methods.

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Influencer Discovery

Find The Best Influencers on all Social Medias.

Search the right influencers for your brand easily with AI.

Leverage AI to access over 10 million creators & influencers from all social medias, including Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, X (Twitter). This covers all content types such as podcasts and newsletters. Use 50+ filters to find relevant influencers in seconds.

Favikon influencer search
Industries and Niches of Influencers in Favikon App

Track Creators and Manage your Influencer Marketing Campaigns.


Use Favikon CRM and the tracking feature to gather all content from your creators. The real-time reports provide detailed insights, helping you understand which content resonates best with your audience. This way, you can refine your strategies based on what performs well.

Creator Wizard

Influencer Analysis

Gain Insights into Creators' Backgrounds.

Beyond views, likes, conversions, engagement rates & followers

Explore in-depth profiles of creators to understand their social media influence, relevance and popularity. Each AI-powered profile comes with detailed historical data, including past performances and posts, offering a comprehensive view of each creator's journey and impact. Learn about influencers’ causes, hashtags, trends and audience analytics.

AI Enhanced Rankings

Influencer Rankings

Access Over 1.2M+ AI-Enhanced Influencer Rankings.

Influencer Rankings based on impact and influence for quicker influencer vetting.

Keep your content cutting-edge with a real-time influencer database. Identify trending topics, popular formats, and emerging creators within your industry, enabling you to produce content that's timely, relevant, and highly engaging.

Influencer Analysis

Maximize Campaign ROI through Creator’s Network.

Lear about Influencer’s brand associations, partnerships and collaborations.

Creator’s Network allows you to learn about the influencer’s past brand collaborations and partnerships. Moreover, an estimate sponsored post cost lets you judge campaign ROI helping you target just the right creator.

AI Enhanced Rankings
Creators worldwide trust Favikon rankings.

Influencer Tracking

Track Industry Trends and upcoming Influencers.

Use our tracking feature to stay updated on the latest trends and posts across social media platforms.

Gain access to a comprehensive library of content from influencers across various platforms. This feature enables you to review and analyze past and present content, providing a full perspective on the influencers' style, audience engagement, and effectiveness. Identify potential collaboration opportunities and understand the long-term performance of content creators.

Social Media Insights

Influencer Management

Utilize Weekly Reports for Strategic Social Media Insights.

Stop wasting time scrolling on social media with AI-generated weekly reports.

These reports offer a comprehensive overview of current trends and effective strategies on social media, saving you time and providing valuable insights for informed decision-making. You won't even need to scroll social media anymore!

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I've been playing around it extensively - it's awesome!


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I've been using extensively Favikon to track my talents for my HR agency, a real game changer!


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It's just a great platform


Most influential Linkedin entrepreneur

Favikon has provided us with exactly what we've been waiting for, a powerful tool for our B2B influencer marketing strategy”


Head of Growth at @Contrast | CCO @ Ioconic | EX-Gymshark Head of Social (GLOBAL)

Favikon is a game changer for the whole media industry


CEO @LeCrayon

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Why Favikon?

Favikon, our AI-powered influencer marketing platform, offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to optimize campaign performance and streamline processes for marketers. With real-time analytics provided by our Influence Score feature, users can make agile adjustments to their campaigns for maximum effectiveness. We prioritize quality over quantity. Our platform is the only one that includes curated B2B channels, ensuring a comprehensive creator marketing experience. Additionally, our platform boasts a clean UI/UX design and is completely ad-free, providing a distraction-free environment for marketers to navigate seamlessly and focus on achieving their campaign objectives.

What are influencer marketing platforms?

Influencer marketing platforms are online tools and services designed to help brands and businesses connect with social media influencers for marketing purposes. These platforms streamline the process of discovering, managing, and collaborating with influencers to promote products, services, or campaigns.

What are influencer marketing tools?

Influencer marketing tools are specialized software solutions that assist brands in identifying, engaging, and managing relationships with social media influencers. These tools provide functionalities such as influencer discovery, campaign management, performance analytics, and reporting, enabling businesses to efficiently execute and measure the impact of their influencer marketing strategies.

Is Favikon an Influencer Marketing agency?

Favikon is NOT an agency. We provide you with AI-powered data features through our platform to empower you with insightful analytics and tools, enabling you to make smarter, data-driven decisions for your influencer marketing strategies. This approach puts the power directly in your hands, ensuring precision and effectiveness in every campaign.

Do you have any affiliate or referral program? 

Yes, check out the website footer! We offer up to 30% commission for any referral on our platform.