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Why Favikon

Eliminate all risks associated with influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is the most efficient channel by far and generates a ROI far superior to alternatives. But too much money is wasted on fake influencers and because of lack of information available to brands. Favikon eliminates all risks with a 100% transparent and 100% automated tool to work with influencers in all serenity.

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Simple, yet powerful features

We focus on the essential to make it easy to work with influencers.

Search ALL influencers

Don't limit yourself to a few influencers registered on a platform. With over 5M profiles worldwide, including 1M in the US and 175K in the UK, you are bound to find the right influencer for your brand. 20+ filters will help you finetune your search the way you want it to be.

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The ultimate Influencer Quality Score

The Favikon Score is the ultimate influencer audit score on the market. Thanks to AI-based thorough audits, and with more than 50 criteria taken into account, the quality of the influencer is guaranteed.

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Contact thousands of influencers

Create your lists, track the performance of influencers, export in CSV and enjoy all the time gained.

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CMOs, Social Media Managers, Influencer Marketing experts... They all have integrated Favikon into their influencer marketing strategy. Find out why.

“Any influencer marketing expert should have a go at Favikon. Very easy to use, intuitive and very thorough when it comes to influencer analytics.”

Alix Fleuret
Influencer Marketing Expert

“Favikon has been nothing short but a life-changer for us when it comes to sourcing influencers. A very powerful tool.”

Matthieu Marquenet
Social Media Manager @Havas

"Influence Marketing always has been a complicated process for us. Favikon is a life-changer and has made it extremely easy for us to eliminate all risks"

Matthieu Marquenet
CEO @Kombo

"Very useful tool to get the right influencer for your marketing strategy. Very clear to use."

Roberta Campagnolo
Digital PR & Communication @Hub09
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The influencer marketing industry is moving fast. Don't get left behind.

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When done right, influencer marketing is extremely powerful. Use Favikon and eliminate all risks associated with working with influencers.