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Favikon is the ultimate AI-based creator listening platform.
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What is creator listening?

Creator listening is about keeping an eye on the creator economy, learning about all the new trends and spotting the rising star content creators.

Favikon's advanced technology makes it easy to find high-quality content creators who are experts in a variety of social media platforms, including video, podcasts, and writing. With Favikon, you can rest assured that you'll have all the answers at your fingertips, without having to scour the Internet yourself.

Influencer Marketing

The industry that is growing fast and must not be ignored.

of content creators

Spotting social media gems is a hurdle.

Humans lies, data doesn’t.

Discover the creator economy like never before with Favikon. We cover all social media platforms, categories, and niches, and provide valuable insights on creators, including their podcasts and newsletters.

We scan all social media for you and we give you customed answers.

For ambitious brands

Getting the most influential content creator in your niche will ensure becoming the leader in your industry.

For smart marketing agencies

All the most powerful content creators on all social media and in all your clients' specific industries, in one place.

What they say

Feedback from our beta testers who have been using the tool for several weeks!

"I had the luck too take a peak to the Favikon TOP 200, and ALSO the WHOLE TOOL. I was able to do quick competitor research for clients looking for active users in other industries which usually I'd have to do manually and would take me hours or even days. Using the tool helped me find people in a variety of different industries, favikon offers an insane selection of specific industries. I loved this tool, and love that it's not just for LinkedIn but for Youtube, Twitter and Instagram too! Looking forward to using this tool for my marketing agency in the future. It's awesome!"

Lara Acosta

Founder LA Digital agency & Content Creator

“Great platform.”

Justin Welsh

LinkedIn Content Creator (400k followers)

“B2B Influencer marketing is becoming a must-do for any growth strategy, independently of the indistry. Favikon has provided us with exactly what we've been waiting for, a powerful tool to know what leaders matter.”

Maxim Poulsen

Head of Growth at Contrast

"Favikon is a game changer for the creator industry. This is a masterpiece."

Wallerand Moullé-Berteaux

CEO & Co-Founder of Le Crayon
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