7 Best Marketing Tools for Small Business

You can’t manage everything unless you have superpowers. Luckily for us, there are many tools designed to help you with your daily tasks. Let’s find out which marketing tools you should use!

September 30, 2022
Camille Valentin

It’s not always easy to start your own business. There’s a lot to manage and think about. It can be tempting to overlook the marketing aspect of your brand. However, it would be a mistake. Only focusing on the products or services you sell won’t help you grow or boost your sales. This is why you need a marketing strategy. Don’t worry if you are not an expert, there are tools designed to help you. Organizing your campaigns, creating newsletters, or improving your SEO, there are platforms for every aspect of your marketing strategy. Let’s find out which app you should be using! 

Benefits of having a marketing strategy for a small business

Having a good marketing strategy is just as important as selling quality products. Marketing is beneficial for asserting your brand’s image and values and thus increasing brand awareness and visibility. 

Build a professional image and gain visibility thanks to marketing 💪

Marketing is more than just promoting your brand. It is also everything around your brand identity and image. It includes logo, manifesto, values, tone of voice… Your brand needs to have a clear identity to be memorable. For instance, people can easily identify Nike just by seeing its logo. Nike evokes motivation and surpasses oneself. This idea can be seen in their ads but also in their slogan “Just do it”. 

Of course, you need to create your brand identity in accordance with the target audience you want to reach. Once you have defined it, you can start promoting your brand. For that, there are different media you can use. There are the traditional media with ad posters, TV ads, etc and there are the digital ones with social media, websites, emails, etc. There is no doubt that the proportion of digital marketing is growing in the brand’s strategy. 

As a small business, digital marketing is a really good solution because it is often less costly than traditional media and it’s also often more effective. 

Grow your engagement and your customer’s loyalty 🔥

Of course, having a marketing strategy is also a great way to grow your engagement and customer loyalty. Social media is perfect if you want to have a solid base of loyal customers. On social media, you can interact with your customers, let them know about your new products and offers, and even ask them for their opinions. You’ll be able to connect and create a real relationship with them. 

To do that, you can also have your own newsletters but obviously, it won’t be as interactive as social media. However, it’s still interesting to have one because not all your customers are on social media. 

If social media aren’t your thing, you can also work with influencers. What is the role of influencer marketing? Content creators are experts at creating content so you will have high-quality content for your brand and you’ll benefit from their large community. Have a look at our article to learn more about influencer marketing strategies.

TOP digital marketing tools for your small business

Notion, Canva, Favikon, SendinBlue… 💡


If you struggle with organization, Notion is the tool for you. It can be used for many different things: taking notes, creating your social media post calendar, creating to-do lists, etc. Notion defines its platform as “a digital workplace”. It can be for personal use or collaborative use. It’s quite easy to use and it’s super convenient to keep all your colleagues updated on everyone’s work and progress. 


Favikon is the influencer marketing platform for people who aren’t experts. You can use it to research influencers and see their social media stats. You can filter your research with keywords, influencer range, and location… which is way more convenient and quicker than researching them directly on social media. You can then analyze their stats to see if it is worth working with them. You can use the CRM as well to follow the evolution of your campaigns and relationships with your creators. That’s not it, you can also follow the results of your influencer marketing campaigns. Don’t hesitate to check our article to learn how to plan influencer marketing campaigns on Favikon.


Hubspot is a useful tool to manage your customer relationships. Hubspot is a CRM but it also has other features like the possibility to create newsletters or follow up on your SEO results and there are many other features. This tool is particularly interesting for sales managers. 


Regularity is key when it comes to social media but it’s not always easy to remember to post on time. On Hootsuite, you can program your posts for every social media: LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even Pinterest. It’s interesting to plan your social media posts in advance as you can have a global vision of your content. 


If you need to create content or visuals, Canva will be perfect for you. Canva is more intuitive than software from Adobe like Illustrator or Photoshop. It’s the perfect app for beginners and it’s free (except for some features). On top of that, you can find many templates to help you create awesome presentations, social media posts, or posters.


As we mentioned before, newsletters are a great way to keep your customers informed about your new products and offers. On SendinBlue you can create personalized newsletters and send them to your lists of subscribers or customers. 


SEO is really important if you want to boost your website’s visibility. SemRush allows you to find the best keywords to attract traffic to your website, and analyze the traffic of your competitor's websites. SEO is really important because it determines where your website will be ranked by Google.

By using these tools, you will be able to easily create a solid marketing strategy. Don’t overlook digital marketing, especially as a small business. Marketing is what will help your brand grow and gain visibility. There are many things to take into consideration and it can be a bit overwhelming, this is why we recommend using these tools. Overall, these platforms will help you for your organization but also save you some time.

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