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Mother’s Day Giveaway Ideas

Planning an influencer marketing strategy for Mother's Day can lead to great results! That is why we want to share one of the most popular and efficient formats for an influencer collab 🎁

April 12, 2022
Clémence Del Castillo

The benefits of giveaways

Okay, okay, we know what you're thinking, Mother's Day is in a month! Yes, if you plan to buy a gift… But what if you want to sell your products for this special day? Then you need a unique approach, and fast! And we believe influence is the perfect solution 🤩

Planning an influencer marketing strategy for Mother's Day can lead to great results! That is why we want to share one of the most popular and efficient formats for an influencer collab (especially when it comes to a specific celebration!). As you may know, you can use many different content ideas when creating your influencer partnership: product advertisement, asking an influencer to tag you, live shopping, countdowns, etc.

Yet there is a specific strategy that shows excellent results: giveaways! The most popular format for special events and successful content for influencer partnerships. But why exactly? Let's find out!

A collab in which the influencer shows the product in a post, tags the brand, and adds a few words in their description can also be effective, but mostly in the long run. When it comes to a specific date, you want to set a deadline and wake up the audience to know they should take action quickly.

For instance, a simple collab for a brand's spring season edition is ideal, as you have all the time you want to purchase new products for this time of the month. However, Mother's Day only happens once a year, so you want to make sure users realize it is a special occasion, and they should take advantage of your special offer.

Fast-growing engagement 🚀

There are several ways you can plan a giveaway, yet they all have one point in common: they all have a call to action! Due to the deadline, all giveaways share a call to action, asking communities to participate in the contest as there is limited time to do so. Thus users hurry to take action by liking, commenting, sharing, or following other giveaway guidelines. So the influencer receives a lot of reactions in a short amount of time, which results in a good engagement of the influencer collab.

Extensive visibility 👀

As said previously, giveaways can be of various types, yet the guidelines and rules to participate in the contest are usually similar (like, comment, share, tag your friends, etc.). This specificity of the collab creates a snowball effect, where users tag their friends, who tag other friends, to maximize their chances of winning the prize. Moreover, by sharing the giveaway post on their story, the post generates extensive visibility in a short amount of time as well.

Boosting sales 💸

Finally, thanks to this growing visibility and engagement, many users know the collab. And what does that have to do with the sales if a giveaway is free, you might ask? It can boost a brand’s sales because users have taken notice of the brand and the giveaway products. If the brand targeted the right influencer with the right niche audience, then even if users didn’t win the contest, they might still be interested in purchasing from the brand.

Now that we know why giveaways are one of the best strategies for Mother’s Day, let’s look at all the possible giveaways your brand can plan with an influencer!  

Ideas of giveaways for Mother’s Day 🎁

Types of Giveaways’ Content

Brand content 💯

Of course, a brand can plan and share its giveaway on its own account! In this case, the content is only focusing on the brand. There are several advantages to this type of content: the brand can create the post precisely like they want as they are not partnering with another party. Thus they can share their original values, image, and message. However, suppose a business doesn’t yet have a vast community or has a young account on a social network such as Instagram. In that case, they should consider working with influencers that have the right niche audience.

Brand x brand 🤝

Very similar to the first option, two brands can collaborate to plan a joint giveaway with a mix of their products and services. Two brands mean two audiences, thus double visibility. However, it can also mean half profit… Contrary to brands collaborating for a campaign, which can be very efficient and result in significant ROI, teaming for a giveaway also means collaborating for a short period.  

Influencer collab 🌈

Now we’re talking! Planning an influencer campaign for Mother’s Day is quite ideal as influencers create a link between the brand and their audience by showcasing the giveaway on their feed. But don’t forget, collaborating with an influencer means your brand needs to spend time finding the right influencer, organizing the collab, and briefing the influencer on your requirements, preferences, and vision. Planning a giveaway last minute with a random influencer without checking if they match your brand image, values, aesthetic, and audience is a NO GO!    

Influencer co-creation 🔥

Did you find the absolute gem influencer for your brand? Have you been working on a long-term partnership with them? Then this option could be just what you needed! Co-creating a product or service with an influencer can generate tremendous visibility, engagement, and sales as you do more than simply link their image with yours. However, it needs to make sense regarding the compatibility of your products, brand image, and objectives with the influencers'.

Types of Giveaways’ Prizes

Products. The well-known gift for Mother’s Day includes a wine box, a flower bouquet, delicious chocolates, a cozy ensemble of pajamas, the bag of her dreams, etc.)

Money. How about we let moms choose their favorite present with a special Mother’s Day gift card or a shopping spree?

Experiences. Particular date for their special day! It is also trendy to gift moms with an incredible traveling getaway experience, a delicious dinner, a little excursion at the spa, a glamorous makeover, a play at a fancy theater, etc.)  

Services. It is simple, practical, and can be just the right moment to use it: a babysitting service! How do you expect parents to go on a lovely dinner if they have no one to take care of their children! That’s when services come in handy.

Types of Giveaways' Rules

The comment, like, share, and subscribe classic strategy. Do you want engagement? Then these rules are the primary strategy to boost it! You will have an excellent influencer campaign visibility score by asking users to follow your brand, like the post, repost it on their story, and tag their friends! This is the most used giveaway rule strategy by brands and influencers as it is efficient and straightforward.

The challenge. Maybe your objective is to gain engagement and stand out from competitors? Then this is quite the strategy! The concept of a challenge is closely linked to User Generated Content. The idea is to have a creative and original rule for users to not only have to interact with your post but also to create content to participate! For example, numerous Starbucks users participated in their contest by painting their cups, and the user with the most original design won. In other words, you are gaining visibility and engagement by saving time as users take care of the content creation.

The instant winner. Finally, last but not least, here is a strategy that allows users to participate by either subscribing to the brand or sharing their contact details. Now the real difference is that once users are listed, they will immediately know if they won a giveaway package or not. The drawbacks are less build-up, thus, even less time to gain visibility. However, as users are sure to get an answer right away, the engagement rate is still promising.

That's it for the Mother's Day giveaways, we hope you enjoyed our article! If you are looking for more influencer content, check out our blog! We share influencer marketing tips, strategies, and best practices and update you on influencer news and the latest collaborations!

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