When Should You Post On Instagram?

Sometimes the times you choose to post on Instagram can have an impact on your stats. So if you feel that you are stagnating on Instagram, you might be posting at the wrong time. Read this article to find out when you should post to get the most engagement!

May 11, 2022
Camille Valentin

Social media can be tough. There are always new features, new trends, or new algorithms, it can be hard to follow. On top of that, the competition between users has been increasing these past few years. People are realizing the importance and impact of social media, and everybody wants a slice of the cake. For young creators, it can be difficult to grow their social media stats. Wrongly, they might want to change their content strategy when in reality their content is not always the problem. If there is one thing to remember when it comes to social media is that sometimes it only takes one day, one single post to go viral. Some influencers created content for years before reaching a certain amount of followers. 

So whether you are a content creator or social media manager, you should remember that it takes time to grow your number of followers. 

Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks to help you boost your stats. One of which is the time when you post. Keep reading to find out what is the best time to post on Instagram in 2022. 

The best time to post on Instagram

Isn’t it frustrating to see your competitors having amazing social media stats and going viral? Yet you know that your content is high quality and you believe you should get more views or likes. If that is the case, the problem might come from the time when you post. 

When to post on Instagram during the day

All hours are not equal on Instagram, especially when it comes to engagement. So if you feel like your stats don’t reflect the quality of your content, you might be posting at the wrong time. 

There isn’t one perfect hour to post that applies to every account. However, there are a few things to look at to find the right time to post for your account. 

First of all, it depends on the type of content you are creating. If your posts are dedicated to business or are B2B oriented, it will be more effective to post during working hours, as your audience is more likely to search for this type of content when they are at work. 

The main thing to remember when identifying the right time to post on Instagram is to know clearly who your audience is or who you are targeting. Then break down each characteristic of your audience. Where are they from? If they are living in another country from yours, you might need to check the time difference. Are they students or office workers? If so, when are they most likely to look at their social media? 

It is important to gather as much information on your audience as possible in order to know what their typical day is and when they are on Instagram.  

How many times to post on Instagram per week

You might also wonder on which day of the week you should post on Instagram. The answer would be the same as for the hours, you have to know who you are targeting. 

Of course, it can be a bit more difficult to analyze which days are more relevant to your audience, besides weekdays and weekends. 

Luckily, there is a feature on Instagram to help you with that. However, to have access to this feature, you need to have a business or creator account. 

On top of your profile, you will find a professional dashboard. There, you will have access to your account insights. Click on “see all”, and then “total followers”. You will find insightful information about your audience like their locations, age range, and gender but also the days and hours when they are most active. 



The number of times you should post per day or per week is honestly up to you. Once again, it depends on your type of content, and your audience but also on the time that you can spend on creating content. Trust us, you don’t need to post every day to see results. 

How to be successful on Instagram?

Yes posting at the right time will help you but it’s not the only way to boost and grow your social media. 


Regularity is probably the most important thing if you want to grow on social media. It doesn’t mean that you need to post every day, far from it. But you should be consistent with your posts. Don’t go one month without posting and then posting twice a day, it would be ineffective. Instagram’s algorithm likes consistency. Even if you cannot post every day, you should be active on Instagram: like people’s posts, comments, etc. You should interact with other people’s content. That way, the algorithm knows that you are still very active, even if you are not posting. 

It is also great to stick to your schedule, so your audience knows when to expect new content from you. Your regularity helps your community remember what your contents are. They will associate certain hours and days with your account. 

If you struggle with being consistent with your planning, there are many ways to schedule your posts. There are many apps or websites for that, such as Creator Studio or Swello. You can also use websites like Notion, simply to create your social media content planning. 



Engage with your community 

The last thing to be successful on Instagram is to engage with your community. Keep in mind that the Instagram algorithm doesn’t like accounts that post but never interact with other people's content. 

To do so, you can start by responding to and liking comments and messages from your followers. Not only will the Instagram algorithm like it but it will allow you to create bonds with your followers. People are more likely to like and comment on posts from people they feel closer to. So try engaging with them! You can also do that by directly asking them questions in your stories or your posts. 

Keep in mind that there isn’t one perfect hour to post on Instagram. The real key to finding out when to post is to analyze your audience. Once you get a lot of information on them, you can imagine at what time they are most likely to consume your content. Then, you can adapt your social media planning accordingly. It is true that the time you post can have an effect on your stats but it certainly isn’t the only influential factor. Being regular and consistent is one of the most important things to be successful and boost your stats on Instagram. You shouldn’t also forget that Instagram is a social network, so posting is great but interacting with other people is also extremely important. The algorithm will always favor accounts that interact a lot with other people’s content. Now that you know all that, we hope your Instagram stats will skyrocket. 

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