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How to Evaluate an Influencer's Performance

Get ready to dive into the captivating world of the Favikon scoring system! We're thrilled to unveil all our little secrets and give you an exclusive peek into how Favikon rankings work.

June 27, 2023

If you're all about exploring the world of content creation on social media and your curiosity is on fire, then you've landed in the perfect spot. You probably already know that Favikon is the place to be if you want to start listening to creators. It gives you the lowdown on everything happening in your industry or niche across social networks. From the trending topics to the influential leaders, the rising stars, and the captivating content that sparks conversations, Favikon has got you covered and then some.

But here's the deal: one of the most crucial things is knowing the top creators in each topic and across all social networks. And that's where Favikon comes in, creating rankings that unveil the most influential content creators in every niche, across different countries and platforms. Now, what really piques curiosity is how Favikon manages to classify them all. Well, that's where the magic of Favikon scores comes into play, providing the key to understanding who's rocking the social media scene.

It's as easy as pie, there are only 2 key logics to keep in mind: the influence score by social media, which evaluates creators based solely on their performance within a specific platform, and the overall authority score, which measures the impact of their presence across all social platforms.  But now, let's dig deeper into the nitty-gritty details.

The Social Media Influence Score by Favikon

Many content creators choose to juggle multiple social social at once, and some platforms just click better for them than others. That's why it's important to assess their performance on each social media individually. And that's exactly what the Favikon influence score is all about. It's a rating that goes up to 100, giving you an idea of how much impact a creator can have on a particular social media.

When put that way, it might sound a tad vague, which is why we're all about giving you the scoop and unveiling all the details about this score and everything it encompasses.

Decoding an Influencer's Impact : The main KPI

To truly grasp the impact of a content creator on a specific social network, three crucial elements come into play: audience size, account progress (growth), and levels of engagement. Those who excel in these areas are deemed the most influential influencers and get higher scores overall.

But here's more! We take into account a multitude of elements, and we've put together a handy infographic that provides an overview of the scoring system.

Diving into the Significance of Distinct Influence Scores

As mentioned earlier, a content creator's influence can vary greatly across different social media platforms. Just because they have a significant impact on one platform doesn't guarantee the same level of community-building on another. It's essential for creators to strategically position themselves based on their target audience and platform dynamics.

At our core, we prioritize delivering thorough and comprehensive analyses. That's why we've developed specific influence scores tailored to the unique characteristics of each social media platform. Our rating system takes into account the evolving algorithms of each platform and considers the overall landscape to provide a nuanced and accurate evaluation.

To illustrate, let's consider a content creator who exhibits distinct influence scores across multiple social media platforms.

Take a look at Justin Welsh. He has a dominant presence on LinkedIn, ranking among the most influential personalities on the platform where he truly shines. With a perfect score of 100/100, his outstanding performance speaks for itself: nearly 500K followers, an impressive average of 41 monthly posts, remarkable engagement levels, and consistent growth.

But when it comes to other social networks, Justin's results don't match up to his LinkedIn game. There are three main reasons for this gap: First, he doesn't put in as much elbow grease on the other platforms as he does on LinkedIn. Second, his target audience vibes more with LinkedIn compared to the other platforms. And third, Twitter and Instagram are massive platforms with fierce competition. For instance, having 500K followers on LinkedIn doesn't hold the same weight as 500K followers on Twitter, given the larger number of users with thousands of followers.

The Influence Authority Score by Favikon

We didn't want to confine our evaluation of content creators' influence to individual social media platforms. That's why we came up with the global authority score, which takes into account their impact across the entire digital landscape, considering all the social platforms they're active on.

Unlike the influence scores, the global authority score has is limitless. It accumulates points that reflect the creator's true impact. But how does the points accumulation actually work in practice? Well, the concept is straightforward. Each content creator earns points based on their number of followers, level of engagement, growth rate, and various other metrics on every social network where they have a presence. So, the better a creator performs on a particular social media, the more points they rack up from that account. And all the social media platforms where they are active are taken into account, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of their overall performance.

In addition to the cumulative points, we also highly value various qualitative criteria that contribute to a creator's overall assessment. These criteria include maintaining an active presence across multiple networks, having a newsletter or podcast, and other important factors that demonstrate their breadth and depth of engagement. We believe in considering the holistic aspects of a creator's presence to provide a well-rounded evaluation.

This score plays a vital role in ranking content creators in various industries and niches. It helps us identify the most influential personalities in fields such as Business, Marketing, Fashion, Travel, and countless other subjects. As an example, here is a preview of are the TOP Careers Influencers on Social Media, based on their authority score :

Making Sense of the Authority Score : The 10 Influencer-Tiers

You may have wondered how to interpret this global authority score, which has no real limits. Well, as we've explained, it's a result of accumulating points tied to multiple criteria. However, we've noticed a pattern and translated it into tiers of influential personalities. Each tier comprises individuals with comparable levels of influence. Here's your essential guide to interpreting it all.

In each influencer-tier, you'll come across a mix of different profiles, each with their own level of popularity. At the top, you've got the world-famous celebrities whose influence reaches far beyond social media. Then, as you move down the tiers, you'll find profiles that are known on a smaller scale. To give you a taste of the types of content creators in each tier, here's a quick overview with some cool examples!

And that's a wrap! We hope this article has provided you with a clear understanding of our scoring systems and the key performance indicators that are crucial in assessing the impact of a content creator on social media.

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