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We experienced firsthand how painful influencer marketing can be without the right tools. We want everyone to be able to work with influencers, this is why we've built Favikon.

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Our Team Members

The rockstar team behind Favikon 🇫🇷

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Working with influencers in the past, we realized how the process remained complicated and not transparent. We've decided to make a change.

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Chloé Le Puil

Social Media & Brand Content Manager

Coming right up from Brittany, she is a party lover, a fashion enthusiast, and a social media expert. Her passion? To comment every single post she comes across. With her glamorous looks and creative skills, she is about to take over social media! Better not get in her way 🔥 #FavikonFashionIcon💅 #CatLover🐱

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Julien Delaby

Right-Hand of the CEO

We all need an entrepreneurial mind in our team… Well you do, because we found ours! Full of curiosity, enthusiasm, and determination, we present to you Julien, our Right-Hand of the CEO. Always ready to take on new missions, problem-solving is his middle name 😎 #BasketballLover #6ft3

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Carolina Guimarães

Data Marketing Analyst

The queen of the Favikon TOP 200, Excel master, and sunshine of our office has turned to the dark side! Former Right-Hand of the CEO, now Data Marketing Analyst, Carolina sure loves a good challenge. Did I mention she also won the Nationality Oscar? (Portuguese, Brazilian and French!) #SciencePo🎓 #ExcelQueen🫶

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Xavier Cochennec

Fullstack Developer

The wise man of Favikon 🧘 Despite a (very) average experience with a scorpion in Mali, Xavier would like to live in Australia. Fortunately, the world of influence raised his curiosity before flying off to the country of kangaroos... since then he has been deeply committed to the Favikon tool 🦂

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Jérémy Boissinot

CEO & Co-Founder

Our CEO has many hobbies like soccer, handball, enjoying Parisian terraces… But there is one thing he loves even more 🤩. He is passionate about social media! He focuses on exposing cheating influencers on social networks to help quality creators stand out. 👨💻 #CEO

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Joni Shkurti

CTO & Co-Founder

Joni wasn't able to fulfill his dream of becoming an influencer📲. So he worked on his natural gift: computer science. While we were all playing Sims, at the age of 6, he was writing lines of code (true story) and today he is our expert developer 🤩! We suspect him of cheating on his Favikon score 🥸... #coder #notinstafamous

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Margot Daugieras

Head of Marketing

Passionate about social networks and digital illustration, please welcome our Head of Marketing! She has traveled around the world, but her ultimate dream is to settle in Montreal 🇨🇦 As a dance🕺 and animal lover you can follow her cat's adventures on TikTok 🐱 (whom we suspect she idolises a bit too much 🤫) #MultiSkilled #CatLover

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Etienne Pillot

Full-Stack Developer

Meet Etienne, our talented and dedicated developer! When he joined Favikon, he hid a huge secret from us... in his spare time he is a table soccer champion 👶⚽️! We can say he comes in handy 🙌! Rumour has it he sometimes uses his skills for coding...🤫 #babyfoot #coder

Our Values

Let's make influencer marketing great for everyone!

We believe the market is still plagued by transparency issues.  We created the agency to help anyone work with influencers.

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We offer influencers from all over the world, no matter what your needs are, you will find the influencer you need

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There are so many new influencers out there and we want them to be put to the front, while punishing all the fake influencers out there.

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Our Office

We love croissants and baguettes.

As you may have guessed, we are French. Send us an email and we'll happy to meet you in person! (with masks on of course)

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Paris, France

198 Av. de France, We Work