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We experienced firsthand how painful influencer marketing can be without the right tools. We want everyone to be able to work with influencers, this is why we've built Favikon.

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The rockstar team behind Favikon 🇫🇷

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Working with influencers in the past, we realized how the process remained complicated and not transparent. We've decided to make a change.

Céline Makhlouf

Head of partnerships

You are looking at a dynamic spirit coming straight from Beirut! Aside from her passion for boxing, Céline is a sweet ice cream lover🍦 Her dream? Opening her very own pastry shop! And for that, she will learn how to develop her business from Jérémy 🌱 #Pastryboxer #FutureBoss

Clémence Del Castillo

Editorial Project Manager

Our daydreamer, Clémence, develops her creativity on a daily baisis by drawing, playing the piano, and singing! A true artist at heart. ✨As a TikTok influencer, she'll share her top tips on the blog.🤓 Does this ring any bells? You may have seen her in Spain, Singapore, or Paris. She's constantly on the move! 🌎 #Creative #TikToker #ESSEC

Nina Lipzyc

Digital Communication

A bit reserved at the first glance, the mysterious Nina hides a lot of energy and creativity! Her passions vary between shopping, nightclubs and animals, but sadly the current situation has anchored her at home, to spend time with her lovely cats 😺. She spends a lot of time on TikTok and Instagram, scouting for the latest trends in fashion 🛍💁 Communication is what she'll bring to the table at Favikon, so make sure to follow us to not miss out on Nina's latest posts! #supdepub #fashionista #communication

Coline Guth

Business Developer

An adventurous life combined with a sensitivity. She'll pet her dogs, her cats, her rabbit and her dragon between 2 parachute jumps. But our Coline is not only challenging, she also has an analytical mind that she puts to good use as a sales person at Favikon! 🙌 From her Aries sign it's evident that Coline goes for it and kicks ass 😎 #Neoma #adventurous #ambitious

Jérémy Boissinot

CEO & Co-Founder

In the ancient world, Jeremy would have spent his time playing soccer, handball and enjoying Parisian terraces ... 😖 Thank God, Covid came along, and he can now focus all his energy on his real passion 🤩: exposing cheaters on social networks and help quality creators stand out. 👨💻 #CEO

Joni Shkurti

CTO & Co-Founder

With only 500 subscribers, Joni has not been able to fulfill his dream of becoming an influencer on Instagram 📲. So he fell back on his natural gift, computer science. Yes, while we were all playing Sims, at the age of 6 he was making lines of code (true story) and he became a real expert in the field 🤓. We suspect him of cheating on his Favikon note, but we won't tell... #coder #pasinstafamous

Margot Daugieras

Head of Marketing

Passionate about advertising, social networks and digital illustration, our Head of Marketing isn't here for nothing! As a true globetrotter, she has travelled around the world, but her ultimate dream is to settle in Montreal 🇨🇦Dancer and be an influencer in her spare time 🕺you will be able to follow her cat's adventures on TikTok 🐱 (whom we suspect she idolizes a little too much 🤫) #MultiSkilled #CatLover

Etienne Pillot

Full-Stack Developer

Etienne embodies both strength and professionalism combined! When he joined Favikon, he hid a very heavy secret from us... he is a table soccer champion in his spare time 👶⚽️! In other words, with the lockdowns, we challenge you to beat him because our champion is skilled with his hands 🙌! He sometimes uses them to code the site, but it remains anecdotal ... #babyfoot #coder

Jennifer Morin

Business Developer Manager

Jennifer is fascinated by the influencer world. 🤩 She's always wondered how influencers somehow make thousands of dollars with one picture. That's why she's getting a kick out of hunting fake influencers ripping off defenseless brands. 😎 Otherwise she practices her 2nd job as a DJ in her apartment, waiting for the global pandemic to stop. 🎧🔊 #stopfakes #musiclover

Gaël Nerina

Business Developer

Newly arrived in the team, Gael does not lack energy and good humor ⚡️ He has a real soul of an artist, a quality that he puts to good use sometimes in his drawings, his memes or his outfits 🎨 And yes, our Business developer is also a fashion fanatic (and it's obvious!) 👀 So for an express makeover or a dose of 2000s culture, you have your man #fashion #Rocketschool

Our Values

Let's make influencer marketing great for everyone!

We believe the market is still plagued by transparency issues.  We created the agency to help anyone work with influencers.


We offer influencers from all over the world, no matter what your needs are, you will find the influencer you need


There are so many new influencers out there and we want them to be put to the front, while punishing all the fake influencers out there.

Our Office

We love croissants and baguettes.

As you may have guessed, we are French. Send us an email and we'll happy to meet you in person! (with masks on of course)

Paris, France

4 Parvis Alan Turing, STATIONF
+33 6 33 93 17 26

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