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Favikon offers a reliable, data-driven approach to rank social media creators across various industries.

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With over 160,000 AI-Enhanced Rankings, you're bound to find the ranking for your specific needs.

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The real-time nature of these rankings means you're always up-to-date with the latest trends and the most relevant influencers, allowing for timely and effective marketing strategies.

Make data-driven decisions

AI-powered rankings provide objective, data-backed insights, helping you eliminate bias and guesswork from your influencer selection process, leading to more successful marketing campaigns.

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Streamline the process of finding and evaluating potential influencers, save valuable time and resources in your marketing efforts.

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Boost team spirit and branding with custom data-powered social media rankings, and encourage team members to become brand advocates on social media. They get to see their impact and feel more connected to your company's online success, boosting morale and strengthening your brand's presence organically.

Performance Insights

Get the real scoop on how influencers are doing. We're talking engagement rates, follower spikes, and all the juicy stats.

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Why Favikon?

Favikon, our AI-powered influencer marketing platform, offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to optimize campaign performance and streamline processes for marketers. With real-time analytics provided by our Influence Score feature, users can make agile adjustments to their campaigns for maximum effectiveness. Our commitment to quality over quantity is evident in being the sole B2B-focused influencer marketing platform, catering specifically to the needs of businesses seeking to enhance their brand visibility and reach in the digital sphere. Additionally, our platform boasts a clean UI/UX design and is completely ad-free, providing a distraction-free environment for marketers to navigate seamlessly and focus on achieving their campaign objectives.

Are creators registered on the platform?

Favikon offers a comprehensive global directory of relevant creators, ensuring you'll always find the ideal match for your unique needs. We move beyond the typical influencer marketplace format, as we believe in maintaining the authenticity and personalized essence of creator marketing, rather than turning it into a mere industrial process. With Favikon, it's about quality connections, not just quantity.

How do you calculate influence scores?

Over the course of two years, our collaboration with skilled data scientists has been integral to refining our ranking algorithms, ensuring they adhere to rigorous scientific standards. This meticulous process has culminated in rankings that accurately capture the genuine impact and effectiveness of creators, furnishing you with dependable, data-backed insights crucial for informed decision-making in your marketing endeavors. For a comprehensive understanding of our methodology, we invite you to explore the detailed article available on our blog.

Is Favikon an agency?

Favikon is NOT an agency. We provide you with AI-powered data features through our platform to empower you with insightful analytics and tools, enabling you to make smarter, data-driven decisions for your influencer marketing strategies. This approach puts the power directly in your hands, ensuring precision and effectiveness in every campaign.

Do you have any affiliate or referral program? 

Yes, check out the website footer! We offer up to 30% commission for any referral on our platform.