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TOP 10 Female Influencers On LinkedIn

Women are leaving an indelible mark as leaders across diverse industries, and now they're sharing their wisdom on LinkedIn. Get ready to explore the incredible insights and stories they have to offer. Let's celebrate these exceptional women and the impact they're making on LinkedIn.

July 18, 2023
Carolina Guimarães

The Best Female Influencers On LinkedIn

A few months back, after a major update of the TOP 200 LinkedIn creators worldwide, it became evident that female influencers play a vital role in all industries. It's absolutely fantastic to witness more and more women raising their voices on LinkedIn. Our goal by the end of the year is to have an equal number of women content creators on LinkedIn as men. So, come on, ladies, let's make it happen together!

Currently, the number of women registered on LinkedIn is noticeably lower compared to men, and it's estimated that female content creators make up less than 40% of the total. But let's not lose our motivation because there's significant progress being made. In the meantime, we invite you to explore the profiles of some incredibly talented female influencers on LinkedIn. Get ready to be inspired and enjoy the journey!

10 Female Influencers to Follow on LinkedIn

Believe it or not, there are incredible women making a mark in every single industry, without exception. From CEOs and branding experts to tech geniuses and financial pros, there are remarkable female influencers in every niche. Today is your lucky day because we've discovered a treasure trove of amazing profiles of female influencers for you to follow.

1/ Stephanie Nuesi - Empowering careers with passion!

Stephanie Nuesi is a dynamic content creator specializing in career coaching. With a wealth of professional development experience, Stephanie empowers individuals to confidently navigate their career paths. Her engaging posts offer valuable insights on resume building, networking strategies, and personal branding. Follow Stephanie for practical tips and guidance to excel in your professional journey.

2/ Oana Labes - Unleashing corporate finance prowess!

Oana Labes is an accomplished content creator focusing on corporate finance. With a strong financial background, Oana provides invaluable insights for professionals navigating the complexities of corporate finance. Her engaging posts cover financial strategy, investment analysis, risk management, and financial modeling. Stay informed and make informed financial decisions by following Oana's LinkedIn profile.

3/ Jade Bonacolta - Fueling personal growth and motivation!

Jade Bonacolta is an inspiring content creator passionate about personal growth and motivation. Her uplifting posts encourage individuals to unlock their full potential and cultivate a positive mindset. Jade covers various aspects of personal development, including self-confidence, goal setting, resilience, and mindfulness. Follow Jade for relatable stories and practical advice on your journey of self-improvement.

4/ Codie A. Sanchez - Mastering personal finance and investing!

Codie A. Sanchez is an influential content creator specializing in personal finance and investing. With expertise in financial literacy, Codie equips her audience with the knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions. Her insightful posts cover budgeting, saving, investing, and wealth-building strategies. Follow Codie for actionable tips and guidance to take control of your financial future.

5/ Kim Perell - Igniting entrepreneurial spirits with wisdom!

Kim Perell is an exceptional content creator known for her expertise in entrepreneurship and business growth. With her vast experience as an entrepreneur and investor, Kim shares valuable insights on leadership, marketing strategies, productivity hacks, and the entrepreneurial mindset. Follow Kim for practical advice and inspiration to thrive in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

6/ Viktoria Semaan - Revolutionizing cloud computing and technology!

Viktoria Semaan is a knowledgeable content creator specializing in cloud computing and technology. With expertise in this evolving field, Viktoria provides insights on the latest trends, advancements, and best practices. Stay informed about cloud technology by following Viktoria's content on LinkedIn.

7/ Melanie Borden - Crafting unforgettable brands with expertise!

Melanie Borden is a captivating content creator specializing in branding. With her expertise, Melanie offers valuable insights and practical tips to help individuals and businesses create impactful brands. Follow Melanie for guidance on brand strategy, visual identity, storytelling, and brand messaging.

8/ Mel Robbins - Energizing productivity and personal growth!

Mel Robbins is a renowned content creator known for her expertise in productivity and personal growth. Her dynamic approach provides insights, strategies, and practical advice to unlock your full potential. Follow Mel for tips on time management, mindset shifts, overcoming obstacles, and developing effective habits.

9/ Brianna Doe - Guiding careers to limitless success!

Brianna Doe is a talented content creator specializing in career coaching. Her posts offer valuable insights, strategies, and guidance to navigate the professional landscape. Follow Brianna for practical tips on resume building, job searching, interview preparation, networking, and professional growth.

10/ Madison Butler - Championing LBGT rights with fervor!

Madison Butler is a passionate content creator focusing on LBGT rights and advocacy. Through thought-provoking posts and personal experiences, Madison raises awareness and promotes discussions on LBGT rights and social justice. Follow Madison to stay informed and foster inclusivity and equality.

And that's a wrap! As you can see, women are truly making waves on LinkedIn in every possible niche, and they're just getting started. The momentum is unstoppable! Our goal for 2024 is to amplify the presence of even more female influencers across LinkedIn and all social media platforms. So, let's rally together, ladies, and make it happen! Let's go, girls!!

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